The Monthly MORE

October Newsletter, 2022

Message from the Principal

Hello Project MORE families!

We are well on our way with our new trimester system and have now completed half of this trimester. September 19, 2022 marked the beginning of our 2nd Quarter with the date of November 4, 2022 marking the end of Quarter 2 and Trimester 1. Students should have received a grade for this quarter and would have also earned .25 credits as of September 16th.

Last month we also finished ACT practice tests and our teachers are looking forward in analyzing the data to help students improve in the next benchmark.

Please continue to speak with your student about attending school on a regular basis and working diligently through each class. Students may not receive full credit for a class if they miss more than 5 days in a quarter or 10 days in the trimester. As always, teachers welcome the opportunity to help your studetns if they shall need it.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or the school for any reason at 225-2600. Have a great Fall Break!!

Sr. Macias

Upcoming Dates

Important dates - mark your calendars!

  • Wednesday October 5:
  • Pima College Financial Aid Rep will be here to help students complete their FASFA. Location: Library
  • Lockdown drill: we will be informing students how to prepare in case of a Lockdown
  • School Council and Family and Community Engagement meeting. Location: 3:30pm to 4:30pm in the PD rom, 1st floor and 1st door to your right as you enter the school building.
  • Thursday October 6:
  • Lockdown drill - 2nd period
  • Friday October 7:
  • Grading Day - No Students
  • October 10 through October 14:
  • Grading Day - no school
  • Monday Oct 17
  • Students return to School!
  • Friday October 21st
  • Students take the ASVAB Career Exploration Test. The ASVAB program helps students learn about themselves and potential occupations in line with their skills and interests. Location: Library @ 8:45am

Project MORE Alternative High School

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