Students should not wear uniforms

bogus uniforms

No uniforms

Kids and teens will not be comfortable with uniforms. They want to show off their back to school clothes and new sneakers. especially the boys. At least some kids want to have a lazy day to school.

why there should be no uniforms

School uniforms take away students freedom and how they want to express themselves. Students like to wear there own clothes. There is studies that school uniforms effect students images. Students like there own styles. Uniforms make students feel uncomfortable. They want to be free and have a lot of fun.

These uniforms are dumb

Why school uniforms are bad

The school uniforms are hideous and don't go with today's fashion trends. School uniforms don't let kids express their uniqueness. School uniforms are very basic and unappealing to the eye,

School Uniforms are Not Cheap

School uniforms do not save money because kids want to change into something different as soon as they get home. So for a parent that means that they have to spend double on two separate wardrobes.
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