The Worlds Biggest Religion

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Supreme Being


Father- God

Son- Jesus

Holy Spirt


Jesus Christ- The son of God. He came to save all the Christians. He performed miracles like raising the dead, walking on water, and cured the blind.

"For God so loved the world he gave is only begotten son, so for whoever shall believe in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life" John 3:16


Christians- Followers of Jesus Christ.

Disciples- The 13 men that followed Jesus around and helped him perform miracles.

Holy Book

Bible- A book that contains 66 books. It is divided into 2 sections, the old and new testament. This book starts at the beginning of everything, and ends at the end of time. The book is the oldest book in the world. This has sold the most copies in the world. Also the original language it was written in was Hebrew. The book has over a million translations.

Place of Worship

Church- A place were Christians go to worship and learn about Gods love. The most common time for this is Sunday, but sometimes it happens other days.

Top 10 Countries Christinanity is Practiced

1. United States

2. Brazil

3. Mexico

4. Nigeria

5. Philippines

6. Russia

7. Congo

8. Ethiopia

9. Italy

10. Germany

Holidays Christianity is Celebrated

Christmas- The birth of Jesus

Holy Week:

Palm Sunday- The day Jesus came into Jerusalem, (he rode on donkey that walked over palm leaves)

Easter- The death of Jesus

Good Friday- The Resurrection of Jesus

The Last Supper

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