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Mr. Borrero's January Newsletter

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January News

Keeping Focused on your Attendance

A message from Mr. Borrero

January 10, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

As we enter into the second half of the academic year it is important that you schedule vacations and appointments around the school calendar. Loss of instruction time becomes increasingly difficult to make up as the year progresses. Multiple absences and latenesses can result in a reduction in academic progress and classwork grades.

For your convenience please find below the attendance and lateness policy.

Attendance Regulations

Your record of attendance is recorded in Homeroom. Each teacher will also monitor your attendance throughout the day. We also utilize a telephone messaging system to notify families of student absences.

A student returning to school after an absence must present a note from a parent explaining the reason for the absence. Your Homeroom teacher will send the note to the Attendance Office where it will be kept on file for the entire school year. Absence can result in a reduction of classwork grades.

Lateness to School

Lateness to school can almost always be avoided by allowing enough time to get to school. Plan to be at the school on time. It is better to be 10 minutes early rather than 10 minutes late.

If you report to school after the late bell, report to the Attendance Office for a late pass before going to your class. It is important that, if you are requested to report to another teacher or part of the building, you show a pass to your subject teacher.

If, at any time, your lateness is unavoidable, you should present a note from your parents explaining the reason for your lateness.

Thank you,

Mr. Borrero


January 9, 2020

Good afternoon!

I hope you all found the rest and relaxation you all greatly deserve and enjoyed the recent winter break. As we rapidly put 2019 behind us, there are some important dates I would like to bring to your attention.

Jan. 17 Marking period 2 ends
Jan. 20 School is closed for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day
Feb. 3 Report card distribution
Feb. 17-21 Mid-Winter Recess
March 25-26 ELA State Tests
April 22-23 Math State Tests

Also, please keep an eye out for emails and anecdotals from your child's teachers via Pupilpath as this is our preferred method of contact.

Additionally, remember that in my absence you can contact Ms.Personette and Ms. Paramithis as we continue to work closely together on issues concerning your children.

I would like to thank you all for the well wishes during my recuperation. It is nice to be part of such a strong and considerate school family. I look forward to being back soon as I am healing nicely and following doctors orders. Thank you.



Thank you to our 6th Grade Volunteers who worked our open house on Thursday, November 21st

  • Corey Sljvkic
  • Derick Spitalirri
  • Joseph Scully
  • Adriann Coldman
  • Kayley Shea
  • Kyleight Cohen,
  • Carolina Castro
  • Angelina Viris
  • Jacob Truong
  • Alex Kolaczko
  • Michella Shamis
  • Anthony Romanella
  • Anaya Albitar

*****************TOYS FOR TOTS ~ DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17*******************

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Yesterday, we held our school wide candy corn guesses. Our 6th Grade winner was Jake Burrowes in Class 615 and he won a prize! Today, he told us Darren Miller's really wanted to guess the number of candy corn. He had a feeling there was 421 candy corn in the jar! Darren did not have any money, Jake offered to pay and said if his guess won, he would split his prize with him, and he did! Darren was off by 3 candy corn! Total was 424. Jake & Darren just met this school year, maybe they will become lifelong friends!
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Your First Year of Middle School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

“Caught Doing Something Good”

At I.S 24 we enjoy highlighting and offering praise when our students are “Caught Doing Something Good.” From time to time, we also like to include staff members as well. In this case, we would like to give a special thank you to our School Safety Agent Joseph Kusack.

Last week, before early morning ingress, students were assembling in the school yard. We noticed an unidentified female with a dog. She attempted to enter our school yard. The school administration team along with School Safety Agent Joseph Kusack quickly approached the unidentified female. She was told that the school yard is restricted during school hours. Unfortunately, she refused to leave. The administration and Agent Kusack explained that all parents and visitors are to adhere to school safety rules. Entering the school grounds during the school day, especially with a dog, is not permitted, for the safety of all staff and students. The female became increasingly agitated and uncooperative. Agent Kusack quickly assisted in securing the area and kept our student’s safety in mind. He quickly de-escalated the situation and led her off school grounds. Because of Agent Kusacks professionalism, we were able to keep the disturbance of our students to a minimal and provide them with a safe ingress to school.

Agent Kusack is one of the first people our students see every morning. His presence along with the other members of the team allow our students to know they are safe when they come to I.S. 24. Thank you Agent Kusack for keeping our student’s safety a priority!

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13 Tips for Middle School Success

Written by a Middle School Principal

Cafeteria Contract

The following document must be completed as soon as possible.

Don't forget to sign up for Pupil Path!

Don't forget to sign up for PupilPath! All school-wide information, progress reports, grades, report cards, teacher notices, and so much more are sent out through PupilPath.

Next Generation State Standards

Review the standards. Your child will be required to meet these expectations through the curriculum in each subject area. Contact your child's subject teacher with any questions.

Planning a Family Vacation or Extending a Weekend?

Please be aware that family vacations should be planned to coincide with the school calendar. If you are extending your weekend or vacation, for example attending sports tournaments, please be mindful that teachers are planning lessons on a daily basis for students in attendance. Therefore, to make prior arrangements for assignments, projects, and other instructional activities involving work that has not yet been presented is something we do not endorse.

Also, student absences will be treated as an “unexcused absence”. You should also be aware that teachers cannot be expected to provide “catch up” work or to administer missed exams for students that have been on vacation. Nor shall teachers be required to repeat lessons that were given during the vacation period.

Parents and students should monitor Pupil Path regularly and make up work when they arrive back to class. Please keep this in mind when planning your next family vacation.