Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson's early life

Jackson was born on March, 15, 1767, on the border between North and South Carolina. His dad died before he was born, and his mom and two brothers moved in with some of his moms relatives. He recieved an elementary education before the war started. Jackson's oldest brother died fighting at Stono Ferry. Andrew and his brother Robert fought in a militia and were captured. They got small pox, and Robert died shortlly after their release. At 15, Jackson wandered around a while and then started to study law in North Carolina.

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I think Jackson was a villain

I think Jackson was a villain because he caused thousands of indians to die. He caused wars with the Indians, and it didn't help anything. The only thing that happened was that the indians were moved from the east to the west of the Mississippi River.

The bad things Andrew Jackson did

Did Jackson promote democracy?

I think Andrew Jackson didn't promote democracy because he didn't listen to what the people wanted. Democracy is giving people the right to what they want. Everyone is treated the same and has equal rights. There were a lot of people that couldn't vote or decide anything. Jackson moved the Indians and didn't give them a choice if they wanted to stay or not. He also didn't let the slaves do anything. About the only good thing he did was in 1833 when he transferred the money from the national bank to a few state banks. This caused the national bank to shut down.

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By Ben Busch