Creations from the Art Room

Winter Edition

Please scroll down to the end to see a taste of all the art projects happening in the 1st through 12th grade art classes. Click on any photo to make it larger.

1st Grade Fabric Art

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Learning to Sew!

2nd Grade Fabric Art

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French Knit Turtles!

3rd Grade Fabric Art

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Loom Woven Owls!

4th Grade Art

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Early Carolina Morning by Romare Bearden, 1978, Collage on Board

In correlation with Mrs. Rhoade’s Inspirational Studies class, students studied the art of Charlotte born Romare Bearden in 4th grade art. He was known for depicting scenes of his childhood and life in the art medium of collage. Students did picture studies of several of his collages in preparation to make their own. They were asked to do a collage of a special place to them.

Student Collages

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Each student presented their collage to the class, describing what they choose to represent. Students then commented on what they liked about it and asked questions. So many special places were shared about, their home, grandparent’s homes, beaches, and activities. Their joy was so evident in their descriptions.

5th Grade Inspirational Studies

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5th Grade Inspirational Studies took a long look at the fresco walls of the Villa of Livia in Rome, Italy (30 - 20 B.C.). They choose one part of it to paint. We then studied Roman tile and they framed their fresco using tile.

6th Grade Inspirational Studies

6th Grade Inspirational Studies have been studying the artists and composers of the Renaissance.

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Renaissance Quilling and Repousse’ Boxes

Students created Renaissance boxes using paper quilling and metal repousee’. They learned that during the Renaissance monks and nuns would use guided end papers from books to roll into designs that replicated gold metal work. They also studied repousee’ which is a technique of pressing metal into a mold to shape it into a 3D design. They lined the inside of the boxed with copies of Renaissance music notation.

JH Art

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The first project of the semester was a line study in oil pastel, watercolor, and watercolor crayons.

Colored Pencil Projects

HS Art

Acrylic Painting

Students were challenged during this individual painting project to use only primaries to mix their colors.

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Gouache Painting by Elle S.

It’s such a joy to teach your students!

K - 12 Arborbrook Art Teacher