The Black Hole

a MONSTER in space

All about the Black Hole

Black holes are some of the weirdest and most cool things found in outer space. They are holes of unspeakable destiny, with such strong attraction that even light can't escape if it comes near enough." Albert Einstein was the first person to discover the black hole in 1916. The term "black hole" was coined in 1967 by an American astronomer- John Wheeler, and the first one was discovered in 1971".

All the types of black holes

All the types of black holes are 1. Supermassive black holes 2. Intermediate black holes 3. Stellar black holes. The Supermassive black hole is the biggest one in space which makes it the king. The Intermediate black hole is the second biggest. The smallest one is the Stellar black hole.

How are black holes made?

People beleive that black holes are made by stars dying. stars that have 20 times the mass of the sun can make a black hole when it dies. But not all stars become black holes, only stars that have a lot of mass can become a black hole.

Do black holes lead to other universes

Well black holes will probably will kill you if you go in it so no one really knows if black holes take you anywhere. But... people like scientists do think that they take you to another universe but their not 100% sure. Anyways if you try to send anything in the black hole for example: a camera it wont work because black holes can take away radio, light and sound

Did you know???

Did you know that there are even white holes. There just the same as the black hole but there just only white. Here is a picture of it

Pictures of the black hole

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Video of: can a black hole destroy earth?

How a black hole would destroy the Earth
Well I guess a black hole can destroy the earth

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