Planning for Transition

March 2, 2016

March 2nd will be a unique day for Somersworth High School and Career Technical Center. Students will be participating in a variety of special events or activities that will be planned specifically for each grade level. Below you will find the details for the day!

Freshmen Class

On March 2nd the Freshmen class will be traveling to Southern Maine Community College to participate in a full day tour. Students will be able to see their academic facilities as well as their dorms! Most importantly (for the students of course) students will be dining in the Southern Maine Community College dining hall!

Permission slips are available HERE! These need to be back ASAP!

Sophomore Class

Break down of the day!

The sophomore class will begin their day with C4U Reality, which is a two-hour lesson in financial literacy hosted by Holy Rosary Credit Union. Students will complete a budget based on a career field of their choice. This hands-on event will lead them through the personal financial management process which includes budgeting for housing, transportation, luxury items and more!

Later in the day the sophomores will be participating in staff driven workshops, where the students will be choosing which workshops they would like to participate in.

Concluding their day students will attend a drug and alcohol presentation titled, "Experience, Strength, Hope: Recovering from Addiction".

Junior Class

What's SAT got to do with it?

The Junior class (and those seniors who did not complete the state standardized testing last year) will be participating in the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test or as we like to refer to it - the SAT's. The official test will be given free of charge to our students and will be the state standardized test for Math and English this year.

The SAT's are a very important milestone for our students because this test will follow them through their college application process. For students who decide college is the path they want to take many years after graduation the score will still follow them.

Testing is scheduled from 7:30-12:30 or possibly longer for students with accommodations. If your student has an accommodation it is possible that they will be taking the test over 2 days. Once the students are done with the SAT they are dismissed for the day. Please be aware that transportation will not be available until 2:20 - if your student decides to stay in the building they will be expected to attend, "Experience, Strength, Hope: Recovering from Addiction" the sophomore presentation scheduled for 1:30 pm.

Senior Class

Apply Yourself!

The Senior class is expected to participate in a "I Apply Myself" day activity. Rather than coming to school, students will be expected to do one of the following activities and bring verification to school on the following day. The forms will be given to seniors on March 1st during their Futures class. The form can also be found on the Somersworth High School website or RIGHT HERE!.

When we look for our students to "apply themselves" on March 2nd, we are asking them to fit within the following categories: Career Exploration, College Exploration, Military Exploration or Unpaid Community Service.

Students who do not submit the form back to their Futures class will be marked Absent Unexcused for the day.

Contact Us With Questions!

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