September 2018

From Principal Young

This is our first of 4 newsletter that will be published this year. We hope you enjoy our new platform as much as we do. I have to laugh at myself thinking back to the days that we typed, cut, pasted with glue and tape to put a newsletter together… this really shows my age! How far we have come.

We held our first Middle School 101 / Site Council session and it was well attended. South Central Mental Health presented to the parents information that they can take part in as well as groups that their students can be part of. We are looking forward to partnering with them for the mental health of our students. The other topics covered was showing an Internet safety link for parents to bookmark and look at often as well as a Q & A time. Following our meetings we do share the notes will all patrons. Please contact the office if you have questions over what was discussed.

We have had our STUCO elections and have a wonderful group of students elected. Mrs. Smithson is meeting with them and making sure they are focused and ready to go. They will attend the state wide STUCO conference and come back with lots of ideas and fun activities for CMS.

Facebook and Twitter!!! Here are the links to like our pages and follow us. @CMSTbolts and @cmsactivities. Facebook has Monday updates posted with what is taking place that week. Twitter shares athletic scores and updates. Like our pages to get the most recent information.

Our second annual chili cook off will be on November 16th. We invite anyone that would like to enter the cook of to do so. More information will be published soon regarding entry. Last year we had 10 entries and there was a wide range of chili’s. Mrs. Keen won the coveted trophy (the golden spoon) and she is ready to defend her title. Her white chicken chili was a hit. Please mark your calendars for this fun event.

If you have an Apple phone that is a 6 or newer, not being used and you are not sure how to dispose of the phone, we will take them, charger and all. We use them in our Virtual Headsets that allow our students to experience learning with a twist. Please send these to the office.


Don't forget to check your student's lunch account balance.

Breakfast- $2.05

Lunch- $3.00

If your student will be late or absent for the day please call the school office before 8am.


Classes start at 8:15 a.m. and dismiss at 3:12 p.m.

Important Dates to Remember

Sept. 24th- NO SCHOOL

Oct. 3rd- Fall Sports Pictures

Oct. 12th- NO SCHOOL

Oct. 17th- Grace Med Dental Check

Oct. 18th- Fall Sports Awards, 3:30pm

Oct. 22nd- Parent/Teacher Conf, 4:30-8pm

Oct. 24th- Parent/Teacher Conf., 4:30-8pm

Oct. 25th- NO SCHOOL

Oct. 26th- NO SCHOOL

Oct. 30th- Fall Picture Retakes

Nov. 1st- STUCO Fall Dance

Nov. 2nd- No SCHOOL

Nov. 6th- Middle School 101/Site Council Mtg., 6:30pm

7th Grade

Wow, it has been a great quarter for us, and these seventh graders are so fun! We are very proud of their adjustment to the middle school life, such as, opening lockers, knowing their A and B day schedules, using agendas, and showing T-Bolt P.R.I.D.E.

We do have two goals that we would like for you and your child to work on to help them succeed with the increase of academic rigor. The first goal is to help with communication between us, you, and your child.

Because the agenda is a required material for seventh grade classes, we are asking that you look at your child's agenda to see if they are using it. As teachers, we encourage the students to write what they are learning that day and if they have homework to complete. If you are asking your child about homework they may have forgotten about it, so ask to see their agenda. If it is not being filled in, that would be our first recommendation for your child to succeed academically.

Tests and quizzes are usually the most impactful when we're looking at a student's academic success. So the second goal we encourage you to help your child with is time management and completing homework to review and study. In seminar, students have been taught about the importance of time management and the effectiveness of using seminar. Now that we are in the swing of school, students will find themselves needing to balance homework, studying, extracurricular activities, and life at home more and more. If your child claims to not have homework, we encourage reviewing class material for class assessments.

Overall, the seventh graders are doing great with school procedures and assemblies. We had a fun and loud time at our first pep assembly. Students learned how to chant, cheer, and wave with the spirit stick.

We're excited for what's coming up in seventh grade--be on the watch for more learning experiences and fun activities!

8th Grade

Great things are happening in the 8th grade. The year has started off terrific and we see amazing things happening everyday. The students are adjusting to their schedules, lockers and classrooms and it’s hard to believe that 4 weeks have already passed.

A highlight so far this year was our trip on Monday, September 10th to the Kansas State Fair. We can’t express enough how much our parent volunteers are appreciated. Students were able to choose an educational path for the fair experience in either science, arts or agriculture and then had time to enjoy the cuisine and rides . We were also excited to be able to be there to support our 8th grade band that performed there that day.

As we look forward, we are excited to see what this class of students accomplishes this year. There are many great memories to be made, lots of learning to conquer, and growing and changing as middle school students do!


The big change this year for CMS has been the name of the league. Our new league is the Patriot League but the schools are very familiar. CMS belongs in the East Division along with Ark City, Augusta, El Dorado, Haysville, and Winfield. The West Division includes Clearwater, Haysville West, Mulvane, Rose Hill, Prairie Hills, and Wellington. We will play all of the schools in our division and, depending on the sport, most of the other schools.

Games have been well under way for both football and volleyball. I am seeing good things with both football and volleyball and look forward to seeing them grow on and off the field/court.

Scholar's Bowl will start here at the end of September. If your child is interested please have them see Mr. Oswald.


CMS wants your Box Tops. All proceeds from Box Tops help purchase books for our library.

Have your student put their name on the back for a drawing we do monthly for $5.

Counselor's Corner

Hello, I want to take this time to inform you all of the wonderful opportunities that are coming our way here at Circle. In today’s society, our students have many demands that are placed on them as teenagers. From these demands come many stressors that sometimes students don’t know how to appropriately manage. Here at Circle, we recognize the need to support our students through these stressors and help them to build a toolbox to appropriately manage the demands they face on a daily basis.

We have been working with SCMHCC (South Central Mental Health Counseling Center) to discuss how it is that we can work hand-in-hand together to meet the needs of our students. SCMHCC has been running school groups throughout the county and they are ready and willing to add Circle Middle School to their list. The groups are endless that SCMHCC can offer here at the school, but some include: Anger-Management, Anxiety, Divorce/Separation, Study Skills, Stress, Grief, Friendship/Social Skills, and many more. The groups that will be offered here will be determined based on student needs and information that we gather from the students through an anonymous survey.

Group participation will be voluntary and the student can take part if they are interested. In order for students to participate in the group, we will have to gain parent/guardian permission through a form that SCMHCC has provided. If your student expresses interest in being in a group once the final group topics are announced, be looking for them to bring the form home for you to sign and return. The groups will be held during MTSS time once per week so the student will not be missing any core class time. Also important to know is that these groups will be completely free for the student to participate in thanks in part to a grant through SCMHCC. We will hopefully be kicking off these groups in early October and they will run through the end of the semester. If you have any questions or would like for your student participate, please feel free to reach out to me here at the school.

As you help your student navigate middle school, I also want to share with you that SCMHCC has wonderful and free resources for parents! I encourage you to check out their website for more information:


Congrats to our 2018-2019 STUCO members. This amazing group of students will represent CMS well throughout the year.

President: Lucy Haller

Vice President: Grace Flaming

7th Representatives: Jason Smith, Andrew Tien, Ian Leue, and Nick Ahles

8th Representatives: Katie Coble, Cally Miller, Ava Wiggins and Sophia McCune

Scholar's Bowl

The fall sports season is about to wind down, but the Scholar's Bowl season is about to gear up. What is Scholar's Bowl? Scholar's Bowl is a competition of minds. If your child loves to learn, likes a specific subject, enjoys reading, likes the news and current events, or is just really competitive, then Scholar's Bowl is for them. Mr. Oswald will be holding an informational meeting for students on 9/17 during seminar. The first practice will be after school in the CMS library on 9/26 and a calendar will be sent home with practice and meet dates. Mr. Oswald's email is if you have any questions.


Don't know what to do with old cell phones or ink cartridges? Send them to the CMS Library to help raise funds to purchase library books.

  • Old cell phones can be in any condition
  • Ink cartridges need to be the size that can fit in the palm of your hand