Bio: Jordan Henkel

34 year old Biology Undergrad at PSU

Native Oregonian with a passion for Biology and Teaching

I grew up in Aloha Oregon, out towards Hillsboro and I am the son of a Dental Hygienist and a Electronic Diagnostic Technician. I was immersed in science and technology as my parents were both into things like science fiction, computers, and electronics. I was also always fascinated with wildlife and biology as I did a lot of camping, fishing, and hunting in my youth and also had fun exploring the local wetlands and forests out in Aloha. I love the way science illuminates things in the unseen world and I was fascinated by looking at organisms in the microscope when I was in middle school. I love exploring cells, viruses, DNA, and the ways life does what it does. After I graduated High School, I attended Oregon State University as a Biology major, and recently last year I completed my Associate degree at Portland Community College in Biological Science Technology. Recently I have decided that I would like to follow in my grandfather's foot steps to become a teacher and I am debating pursuing a minor in secondary education to use my passion for biology to inspire Portland High School students.

Facts about Jordan:

  • Hobbies include home brewing beer, gardening, motorcycling, bicycling, camping, fishing, clamming, crabbing, cooking, sports, and traveling.
  • I won first place at the Oregon State Fair for home brewing a Weizenbock beer in 2006
  • I once traveled to Armenia in 2008 to visit a friend who was there in the Peace Corps and spent about a month exploring the towns, cities, ruins, culture, and amazing forests and wildlife in the area.
  • I also dabble in a little electronics as I played with a lot of my dads electronic equipment in my youth and I also took a micro electronic series while I attended PCC.
  • I'm currently a part time student at PSU and I also work full time as a Technician for a Pharmaceutical company.

Some of my pics: