Southwood Academy of the Arts

February 22nd-26th

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Student Spirit

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Teacher Spirit

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Virtual Open House for 5th Grade Students

There will be a virtual open house for current 5th grade students who will be 6th graders at SAA next year. The virtual event will be Monday, Feb. 22nd 6:00-6:45 pm! The first part of the meeting will be for the entire rising sixth grade, and second part will allow families to meet specific teachers.

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In Honor of Black History Month, the MM Topic is Diversity!

8th Grade Students & Parents: IGPs

Ms. Doolittle and Mr. Chamblee are conducting IGP meetings with 8th grade students and their parents. Course catalogs and information have been distributed. Calendar sign-ups are happening now. General IGP information, the high school course catalog, and more is available through Ms. Doolittle's IGP website linked below. As always, Ms. Doolittle is just an email or phone call (864-260-5205) away.

Region 1 Honor Band Congratulations

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Step it Up Fundraiser

PTO is sponsoring the Step it Up Fundraiser to benefit our school! The kick-off meetings will be Monday, February 22nd in the Performing Arts Center at the following times.

*8th grade will meet at 9:00 am

*6th grade will meet at 9:30 am

*7th grade will meet at 10:00 am

A5 Free Internet Information

If you do not have internet service at home, you may fill in the Anderson 5 Free Internet Application form below to get a mobile hot spot. This is especially important to do before any kind of eLearning.
SAA Chromebook Tips for Students & Parents

This 7 page document has many helpful hints and links for Google Classroom, Google Meet, and much more.

AM Drop Off - front of the school 7:30-8:15!

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Don't Forget Athletic Shoes for PE Day!

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Order a Yearbook!

Order a copy of the 2020-2021 SAA Yearbook! Order your copy online using this link. Contact Mr. Powell if you have questions.

Don't Forget to Wash Your Masks!

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Staying Connected with Southwood Academy

Follow Southwood Academy on your choice of social media: Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Another way to stay on top of Southwood Academy events is to check the school's website and calendar. You can add Southwood Academy's Google calendar to yours.

PowerSchool for Students & Parents

Students and parents may check assignment grades using this PowerSchool link. You may also download the PowerSchool app for your Android or Apple device.

A5's District Code is GWJZ

Bus Information

Students will not be allowed to ride the bus with friends or neighbors unless that is going to be their permanent stop. If your student needs to ride the bus and have a stop created, please fill out this form.

Early Dismissal / Appointment Policies

Procedure change for any dismissal during the school day due to COVID19 precautions:
    • When you arrive at school, please call the office: 864-260-5205 to let us know you are here to pick up a student for dismissal.
    • Make sure to have your license ready and press the buzzer for entrance.
    • Once the door is unlocked, be prepared to show your license through the window while you will remain in the foyer. Please DO NOT enter the office area.
    • We will have a sign-out sheet in the foyer. Please know that we will get your student to you as quickly as we can.

Breakfast: the Most Important Meal of the Day

Anderson School District 5 is making it a priority to ensure that every student gets served breakfast at school. School breakfast is free for all students this year, and is available every morning in the cafeteria. Students can grab a bagged breakfast or get a hot breakfast from the serving line. We would love to encourage all students to participate. More students eating school breakfast helps ensure that we receive federal funding to support our school meal programs. We have a wide variety of options to suit students tastes and nutritional needs and are happy to help students choose a delicious, healthy breakfast. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast have better performance in academics, athletics and the arts. So start your day right with school breakfast!

All School Meals Are Free for Students

All school breakfasts and lunches are free for students for the entire school year!

Cafeteria Will Have Snacks for Sale!

The cafeteria is excited to announce that we will resume extra sales Wednesday, February 10th.

As before, we will be offering a selection of chips, drinks, ice cream and other snacks. All items meet the USDA criteria for Smartsnack options, meaning they are healthier snack choices for students. Since we have not been offering these items so far this year, I would like to remind students of how this works.

· Extra sales may be purchased during the lunch period after all students have finished going through the line to get lunches.

· Students must wear masks and bring their Southwood Student ID to the register to purchase items.

· Per Anderson School District 5 policy, students may not purchase extra sales if they have a negative balance on their lunch account. The balance must be paid in full before extra sales may be purchased.

· Students may purchase items with cash, but it makes their transaction much quicker to add money to their account ahead of time! Money may be added online ahead of time at

News from Nurse Rosa

COVID-19: Attendance is important and we want children to be in school every day that they are healthy. However, this year the greater good for school attendance is to keep children showing any symptoms of COVID-19 home until they are well. To keep all staff and classmates healthy, it is imperative that parents monitor the symptoms and temperatures of their children before sending them to school and implement the following steps:

1. Take the temperature of any child demonstrating shortness of breath, loss of taste, sore throat, muscle aches, chills, new or worsening cough, or runny nose.

2. Keep the child at home one or more days to monitor symptoms.

3. If you decide to have a COVID-19 test, notify the school nurse of the results so that the school can implement the Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols in the classroom(s) where your child attended.

*All information will remain confidential between the school and family. No other families will be given the health information of your child.

TDAP: All students are reminded that they must have their Tdap vaccination BEFORE starting 7th grade! Now is the time to schedule an appointment for your 6th grade student. Please submit documentation to Nurse Rosa after immunization.

For any health-related questions, call the office or email Nurse Rosa.

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Spring Sports Information

Mr. Powell and Mrs. Spencer post spring sports information they receive, so not all spring sports information is listed in the announcements or in the newsletter. If you need information for a spring sport, please check the school's website or contact the school's athletic office.

Westside Track Announcement

*If there are any 7th or 8th grade students interested in Track and Field at Westside High School. Practice is Monday-Friday from 4-5:30 pm. You must have a sports physical to begin practice.

Books by African American Authors

This is Mrs. Spencer's list of some contemporary African American authors and their books in our media center.

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Ebook Opportunities

If you are looking for something to read over the eLearning week, over a weekend, or over a break, we have choices! Use Follett Destiny & Destiny Discover to browse, read, and check out eBooks from our Southwood Academy Media Center collection. Teen Book Cloud is another option. Use DISCUS and select Teen Book Cloud. Happy eReading!
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2020-2021 District Calendar

The 2020-2021 district calendar is out! Feel free to print your own copy from the newsletter using the link below.

Southwood Academy of the Arts

Jamie Smith, Principal

Eric Chamblee, Associate Principal & Instructional Facilitator

Paula Doolittle, Guidance

Joshua Powell, Arts Lead Teacher

Cheri Gilbert, Secretary

Newsletter created and compiled by Kristin Spencer. Contact her at for future announcements.