Wanted Samurai!



Samurai is a Japanese warrior who adheres to a strict code of honor and pledges fealty to his home lord. Personal values of a Samurai are stressing honor and loyalty to country and family above all else. The main duty is to serve as a military retainers for the ruler and keep the peace. Wartime, they are all soldiers. During peacetime, different Samurai are going to have different duties. Some can be cooks or clerks, while others are in charge of supplies or religious services. Weapons that are required are bows and arrows, spears and guns, but the main weapon and symbol is the sword. Requirements are physical training, Chinese studies, poetry and spiritual discipline. Have to learn bushid, or the warrior's code, understand the history, become a weapons expert, and conduct yourself nobly. Samurai are going to be paid in rice by their daimyo or feudal lords.