Wilson Weekly

Week of September 11th, 2017

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Action Items

Learner-Led Conferences

As a follow-up from our Faculty Meeting this past Wednesday, please see the info/resources below from Mary.

Learner-led Conferences

Learner-led conferences are next month. The official parent/teacher conference day is October 6th. You will have the entire day to conduct conferences (regular work day hours). You do not have to conduct all conferences on that day. If you get some done ahead of time you may have the time to plan with your teams.

Consider sending out the following information with specific details for your team to parents ahead of time.

Learners, Parents and Educators partner yearly at Wilson Elementary for learner-led conferences. Learner-led conferences are designed for the benefit of the parent and learner alike. Prior to your conference, your child's educator will sit with your child and discuss their learning. They will discuss how the information can best be shared with you, the parent. The learner will establish goals for their learning. Spending time discussing goals with both their educator and their parent helps learners take responsibility for their learning and provides relevance to the work they do throughout the year. Please feel free to ask questions of your learner and educator during the conference.

Educators, here are some resources you might find helpful in understanding the rationale and planning for learner-lead conferences.

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Office Updates

  • Attendance - The district/state will be conducting additional attendance data audits this coming year. For a variety of legal (and practical) reasons, it is imperative that attendance is being taken promptly and accurately. Please make sure that attendance is submitted as soon as possible each morning (i.e. during the Announcements). If it is your team's PLC day, make sure to take attendance as soon as you get to your classroom (9:30). If changes need to be made (such as a kid arriving late after being counted "absent"), Judy can make the changes in the Office.
  • Collecting Money - As a safeguard for all involved, please be sure to turn in money to Michelle in person. Do not leave money on her desk without her there. She can accept money until 3:30 each day.
  • Work Orders & Energy Requests - Need something fixed? You AC not working? Judy is your go-to gal!
  • Facilities Request - Need to reserve the cafeteria? Need AC after-hours in the Library? Email Michelle with any Facilities Requests.

FedEx - This Coming Wednesday!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this time evolves at Wilson!

Please use the following link to register in Eduphoria - https://coppell.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=8950

Also, please use the Padlet button below to share a quick reflection (note, picture, video) after each session. *Note - the Padlet reflection is used for granting Eduphoria Flex Credit.

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Coppell Life Safety Park

Looking for a FREE and EASY grade level excursion?

The Life Safety Park (just down the road) has released their Fall calendar. Use the button below to see what dates/times are available.

CGA Educator Membership

I encourage you to sign up for a free Educator Membership with the Coppell Gifted Association! There are a variety of benefits, including eligibility to participate in their educator grant program.

Plus... Our very own Shannon Blatt (PTO President) is currently serving as the CGA President!

A link to sign-up is found below.

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Week At A Glance

This week is Dot Week! Be sure to share your learning & fun with #WilsonWay


  • 3rd Grade - Collaborative Team Time
  • Rangers Rally for Relief - 2:00 Rehearsal / 6:00 Concert


  • 2nd Grade - Collaborative Team Time
  • Great Expectations New Hire Training - 3:30
  • Spring Creek Spirit Night!


  • 1st Grade - Collaborative Team Time
  • CISD Ed Foundation Grant Window Opens
  • FedEx - Register in Eduphoria


  • Kinder - Collaborative Team Time
  • Picture Day! #CheeseburgerSmile


  • 5th Grade - Collaborative Team Time
  • Rise & Shine
  • Cooper Off Campus for District Training