About Ayn Rand...

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Ayn Rand's Family...

Ayn Rand's father was Zinovy Zacharovich Rosenbaum. He was born in Breslitovsk, Russia on November 18th, 1869. Her mother was Anna Borisovna Kaplan and she was born in St. Petersburg on October 15th, 1880. They were married on May 3rd, 1904. Ayn Rand herself was born in St. Petersburg on February 2rd; ie., or January 29th on the Julian calendar.
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This is a picture of Ayn Rand's mother and father.

Information on Ayn Rand...

Ayn Rand taught herself how to read when she was six years old, in 1911. She eventually adopted a heroic vision. This vision continued to drive her as she got older, and around the age of 9, she knew for sure that she wanted to make fiction writer her career. She consider herself a European writer, despite Russian culture.

She supported the Kerensky revolution, and denounced from the outset of Bolshevik. And her family decided to move away from the fight, so they eventually moved to Crimea. Which is were she also ended up completing high school. However during her last year of high school she was introduced to American history and from then on, thought of America as what a land of free man looked like.

Her family soon returned from Crimea, and Ayn Rand enrolled in the University of Petrograd. Where she studied philosophy and history and eventually graduated in 1924.

In 1925 she left Russia and went to New York. When doing this Russia was told that she was only leaving for a short time. However she had no intentions on returning.

Fun Facts on Ayn Rand...

  • She enjoyed western films and plays
  • Her real name wasn't Ayn Rand, it was Alisa Roenbaum.
  • She became a US citizen in 1931.
  • Her Husband's name was Chales Francis O'Connor. (He was an artist)
  • She had a pet name, which was Kitten fluff and it was given to her by her husband.
  • She has over 25 million copies of her books.

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