Must see and feel... The Tresnjica!

Meet the exciting and forgotten habitat of Griffon Vulture!

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A glimpse of unspoiled nature just a couple of kilometers from Valjevo...

The Tresnjica is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia, located near Valjevo. It rises just below the Povlen mountain in western Serbia and after 23 kilometers it flows into the Drina. It creates one of the most amazing landscapes in Serbia. Not only that, but the fact that this is the last natural habitat of the griffon vulture makes this place an amazing oasis of pristine nature.

Tresnjica is inhabited by different kinds of fish and animals

Drina is full of different types of fish - huchen, trout, grayling and a lot of other rare species. And Tresnjica, being a small, clear river and the tributary of Drina is a perfect place for spawning. Also, its gorge is rich in other animals, such as otters, wild cats and foxes... But none of them can compete with the griffon vulture! It is a beautiful endangered species and this area is the last natural habitat for this type of vulture in Serbia!

The griffon vulture

Being one of the last habitats of the griffon vulture in Europe, the gorge itself was proclaimed a nature reserve. The people who live in the nearby villages Gornja and Donja Tresnjica are aware of the treasure they owe, so they are making great efforts to protect the birds. They leave for them dead animals which have died of natural causes or by accident in a couple of places called carcass dumps. This way the vulture helps preserve the ecosystem going round and prevents infectious diseases from spreading.


This area is also well known for having great places for climbing which gather around not only professional climbers, but also amateurs. You will enjoy climbing these rocks and seeing these beautiful landscapes!

Help preserve the habitat of this amazing bird!

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