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Cure Panel on Multiple Myeloma - 22 August 2012 1pm (EST)

CureTalk is kickstarting its Cure Panel, a series of monthly conference calls that invites leading experts to inform patients/caregivers/health consumers on the latest developments underway to treat a particular condition, with a panel discussion on Multiple Myeloma.

We welcome everyone to join us in our discussions!

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Dr. Ravi Vij, Cure Panel Myeloma Expert

Associate Professor of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, Dr. Ravi Vij, serves in the Section of Stem Cell Transplant and Leukemia, Division of Oncology. Dr. Vij’s research focus is the treatment of hematologic malignancies and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Myeloma Cure Panel @ 1pm EST

Wednesday, Aug. 22nd 2012 at 1pm

Virtual Tele-conference Call

Myeloma Cure Panel would feature leading multiple myeloma expert, Dr. Ravi Vij, in conversation with patients, bloggers and caregivers. The agenda will be to discuss the latest cures under development for multiple myeloma.

All callers can listen in to the panel discussion. Callers will have the opportunity to ask our Myeloma Cure Panel one question. It would be great if we are in receipt of the questions via email by August 20, 2012. Participants can also submit questions as comments while the call is going on. We will try to incorporate all caller queries in our program, time permits.

Any personal medical advice pertaining to specific treatments cannot be sought during question-answer session. Only questions related to general trends in Multiple Myeloma research are encouraged.

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Register NOW! Limited to 50 Callers!

RSVP closes on 21 August 2012!!

Myeloma Cure Panelists

Myeloma Cure Panel Format

  • 1.00 pm - Conference call starts.
  • 1.05 pm - Moderator welcomes and introduces expert and panelists.
  • 1.10 pm - Myeloma expert. Dr. Ravi Vij answers and discusses questions by panelists.
  • 1.40 pm - Expert/panelists answers questions submitted by call listeners.
  • 1.50 pm - Moderator summarizes main points.
  • 2.00 pm - Call comes to an end.

About Cure Panel

Cure Panel is organized by CureTalk, a blog dedicated to discussing the future of medicine and the latest treatments under development. Cure Panel is a series of monthly conference calls that will feature leading medical experts in conversation with patients/bloggers/researchers/health consumers. The panel will discuss latest cures under development of a given condition like Myeloma, Prostate Cancer.

CureTalk is a blog of TrialX.com, an online platform to connect patients to clinical trials of new treatments.