Autumn & Sarah

How is biomass formed?

Biomass is formed from stored energy from the sun.

Is biomass renewable or non-renewable resource?

Biomass is a renewable resource from plants and animals.

How is biomass used?

Biomass is used to heat stuff by burning wood or other stuff like crops,garbage.

What are the advantages of Biomass

•Biomass is a renewable resource

•You can burn to produce heat

•Biomass can be converted into more than one type of energy

•Biomass provides about 5% of the energy used in the u.s

What are the disadvantages of Biomass?

•Biomass takes away trees witch takes away our oxygen

•Biomass pollutes the air

Where is Biomass mostly found abundantly?

Biomass can be found anywhere because it uses wood,garbage,crops,landfill gas and alachol fuels

What are the harmful effects to the earth during the process of collecting or harnessing this energy source?

Biomass pollutes the air when is buned