The Great White SanDune!


Our specail day is coming soon!

The FIRST 100 PEOPLE who ARRIVE GET A FREE TOUR at the Great White San dune Tour. PARKING $1.00 FOR THE FRST 100 PEPOLE! Want more interest I will give you 5 interesting FACTS about the Great white San Dune! FACT 1:The Great White San Dune is big!

FACT 2;It is WHITE as SNOW! FACT 3: When it blows ERODING witch means it blowing away it is very big to not small. FACT 4: Then it DOPISTES It CAN NOT WEATHER because it is not a ROCK for HEAVEN SAKE! FACT 5: There can be rocks in there but we are not for sure!

The Great White San Dune FREE TOUR!

Tuesday, Dec. 15th 201 at 10pm

At Alanta Texas


We will provide a wonderful LUNCH!

My thanks!

THANK YOU GOGGLE for the amazing pictures!