shrek's day off

By;Will Tapler


candy bar trouble

Shrek,Fiona and Donkey wanted to share candy bars but there was one problem. Donkey was hungry and wanted to eat every single candy bar. But Shrek thought of a solution they just needed to divide the candy bars equally.They ended up with 4 candy wars each how many did they have before they divided?
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Diaper baby

Shrek and Fiona had dirty diapers Fiona didn't want to clean all of the baby's diapers.Fiona called Shrek into the room and said we had to divide the diapers evenly so they could do the job faster. What amount of diapers did Shrek and Fiona Start out with before dividing?
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Shrek bought 4 dolls for more than 2.52 dollars .what is the price range for each doll.
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The green thief

Shrek had 20 dollars he beat up a guard and now he has less tan 26 dollar how much money did Shrek steal?
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