By: Angel Filippone


Bangladesh is located in south Asia by the Bay of Bengal.
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What They Are Doing Well

They have a great industry, the leading cause of that is the clothing industry. Bangladesh is the second largest textile industry in the world due to all of the factories. Another important industry in the pharmaceutical.

What To Work On

The Bangladesh environment is going down quickly. The population is way to high, streams and rivers are drying out. People are cutting down trees for resources and there is only 11.1% forest left. Pollution is covering large areas and is consuming the country. People are getting sick and faint because the smell is too powerful. They need to act fast before it gets too dangerous.

The Future

The future of Bangladesh is dark due to poverty, the environment, and the government. 40% of the population is in poverty and is growing. The environment is crashing and is making people sick. The government can't be trusted and is brutal to Bangladeshi's.