In-Flight News

October 2015

Post-Vacation Edition

Welcome back! Hope you had a good week off.

In this edition...

  • Update from the Digital Coaches' meeting
  • Tech Integration Blog updates
  • How to register for the Edmodo AASSA-Lima online community
  • Asking for Apps
  • Research Skills continuum (aligned to ATL skills!)

Digital Coaches Update

Our First Meeting

  • Presentations from colleagues who attended tech conferences last year
  • Choosing project teams to work with
  • Setting up our Tech Integration blog
  • Meet your digital coaches HERE

Projects for 2015-2016

New! Tech Integration BLOG entries

Join AASSA's Edmodo Community: Required for FDR teachers!

Set up Edmodo:

Why is this required?

  • As the hosts, we'll want to be fully engaged in the conference
  • We'll be able to connect with our visitors and access all the conference materials
  • Presenters: You will create a page for your session where you will post everything you'd like participants to have (more on this later!)

Directions HERE

Want help joining? Email

Asking for Apps

The App Process

See an app you'd like us to purchase?

Follow these steps:

  • See integration team for a password
  • Use a Media Center iPad to review the app
  • Complete the app review form HERE (also on the MS/HS Dashboards under "Tech")


The form goes directly to Sean, who will (most likely) order the app based on your review.

Why these steps?

  • Avoids duplication
  • Avoids purchase of apps that may not work with our devices
  • Makes it clear which iPads should have that app installed

iPad check-out

Checking out a class set:
  • In your google calendar, search for the iPads in the "room" search bar
  • Book the iPads for the blocks you need
  • When booking, consider the time you may need to collect them from the Tech office

Research Skills Continuum

....a work in progress!

What is it?

  • A chart showing research-related ATL skills matched with the research process

What will it be?

  • A plan for ensuring that research skills are taught across content areas and grade levels
  • A bank of lessons for teaching the skills
  • A place for student exemplars showing evidence of the skills
  • A set of rubrics for assessing the skills (MS level and HS level)

Who's involved?

  • Sarah, David, Graham, Kelly

Why do we need it?

  • To make the most efficient use of our time
  • To be sure all skills are directly taught at various points in a student's career at FDR

See the DRAFTS here: MS and HS.

If you're interested in hearing more about this email

Your In-Flight Crew

Sean Sweeney - Head Honcho

Kelly Paredes - Design Teacher and Tech Queen

Sarah Ducharme - Research Skills and tech help

The background this week is a photo from a well-known cafe in Lima. Anyone know which one?