Amesbury Public Schools Update

From the Office of the Superintendent - November 13, 2020

Dear Families,

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to share some information and updates with all of you. While I know that not everyone who is reading this has a child in the high school, I wanted to ensure that our community is aware of the adjustments that I have made to the high school administration. I am extremely happy to share with all of you that during the time that I am serving as the Acting Superintendent, both assistant principals, Glen Gearin and Danielle Ricci, will be working together and dividing the additional responsibilities between them. Mr. Gearin will continue to serve in his Athletic Director role during this time. Dr. Ricci will continue working with curriculum and instruction and will assume the responsibilities as acting principal of the high school. I am supremely confident that Glen and Danielle will continue the great work at the high school.

As I mentioned last week, we will not be making any changes to our learning models for the middle or high schools during this checkpoint. However, proposed revisions to both the middle and high school hybrid plans are in development. We continue to work with our administrative team and our staff, represented by the AFT Amesbury, to finalize the plan and a schedule for transition. I remain hopeful that a plan will be presented to the School Committee for their approval prior to the Thanksgiving break. Our goal is to get the middle and high school students back into the school buildings as soon as possible consistent with health and safety metrics and parameters established by the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education.

One of the benefits of serving as Acting Superintendent is that I am able to visit all of the schools in the district to see learning in action! Yesterday, I spent some time in classrooms at Cashman Elementary School. What an experience! Mrs. Mascia and I started our tour in the kindergarten classrooms and finished in the fourth grade classrooms. As we meandered through each room, I was struck by how all of the students and staff were adhering to all of the safety guidelines and expectations. Students were actively participating in their learning but were doing it six feet away from their classmates. It was clearly evident that both staff and students had settled into a safe and comfortable routine. I was sincerely impressed by the level of engagement and excitement of the students! In almost every classroom, I asked the students if they were happy to be back in school. Almost every student emphatically shook his or her head yes and proceeded to share what he or she was learning with me. I heard about stories that students had just finished reading, I answered questions about square roots, and I saw students creating incredible works of art. So, if you are wondering how hybrid learning is going at Cashman, it is going extremely well!

It is my plan to communicate with you as important information arises but at least twice a month. I would like to remind you to communicate with your child(ren)'s schools in as timely of a fashion as possible when your child(ren) are sick. I hope that you and your family continue to be safe as we endure this challenge together.


Elizabeth McAndrews

Acting Superintendent

Amesbury Public Schools

5 Highland Street

Amesbury, MA 01913

(978) 388-0507

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