In office January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963


Born: May 29, 1917 as John Fitzgerald Kennedy
35th president of the United States

Presidential Party: Democrat

Vice president: Lyndon B. Johnson

Election of Kennedy

Kennedy was a democratic candidate who was young and captured the democratic nomination despite his young age. At just 43 years old, he ran against Richard Nixon. Many factors caused the turnout of the election to be so close. Kennedy gained more votes, because of the on going recession, and he had the advantage of 17 million more registered Democrats than Republicans. Kennedy's campaigning skills decisively outmatched Nixon's. In the end, Nixon's emphasis on his experience carried little weight, and he wasted energy by campaigning in all 50 states instead of concentrating on the swing states. The term New Frontier was by him, the liberal democrat he was in his acceptance speech.

Cold War

Kennedy was involved in the Cuban Missle Crisis, Vietnam, and the building of the Berlin Wall. Kennedy came up with flexible response calls for mutual deterrence at strategic, tactical, and conventional levels, giving the United States the capability to respond to aggression across the spectrum of warfare, not limited only to nuclear arms.Kennedy's involement in vietnam was mainly for the reason to stop the spread of communism which was slowly starting to spread. In October 1962, an American U-2 spy plane secretly photographed nuclear missile sites being built by the Soviet Union on the island of Cuba. President Kennedy did not want the Soviet Union and Cuba to know that he had discovered the missiles. Kennedy was relieved that the East Germans and the Soviets had only divided Berlin without taking any action against West Berlin's access to the West. However he denounced the Berlin Wall, whose erection worsened the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union