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Ho chi minh city vietnam

Did you ever want to travel the world to places? Well Ho Chi Minh City ,Vietnam is 1 city to visit .Its also the capital of Vietnam .Heres some information , the fang shields designed 1960s place of south Vietnam government which is now a museum.


Some places you can visit while in Vietnam is saigon which is known as Ho chi Minh city. It is the capital of Vietnam.People often use motorcycles rather than cars cause most places are small .''Thanh pho" is how you say city in Vietnamese


Here is some information about Ho chi Minh city .The absolute location of Ho chi minh city is 10º ,49º N, 10º 5 , located 10 º, 10 º, to 10º 5 58 north latitude from 106 north 22º to 106º east longitude. Its also located in Asia .Vietnam is lactated in eastern and northern hemispheres in the tropic of cancer in south Asia Vietnam is also boarded by eastern and Pacific ocean .You can just drive to the beach in 1 or 2 hours depending on where you live.

daily life

Do you know what people do in Vietnam? Well just like you, they work and go to school and have a regular day except when you go to school you have to pay and unlike in the USA you don't have to pay often.Vietnam money is called dong.Guess how much 1 dong in USA cost ? It cost 0.00045 and 1 $ in US = 22296.54 in Vietnam money. The Vietnamese region is baddest and some are Catholic.


Lets talk about the moment in Ho Chi Minh city, During the Vietnam war 1955-1975 people immigrated to different country's to live.People from Australia often visit Vietnam or live in Vietnam.Also Vietnam exported $45B and imported $29B resulting a positive trade.The top exports from Vietnam is computers ,petroleum jelly, leather, and footwear.


Information about Vietnam and the region is Dong Nam Bo literally south eastern region in Vietnam .Ho Chi MInh city was founded in 1698.People speak Vietnamese and its an urban area .HCMC (ho chi minh city) is the largest city in Vietnam. HCMC is 5.976 currency in dong.Saigon Notre Dame built in 19 century by french colonist is the symbol of the city.Some popular kids B-day party places is KFC and lottery and more.

vietnam landscapes

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