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Your BNS / Brooklyn Collaborative Unity Newsletter

610 Henry Shared Mission

At 610 Henry Street we envision a diverse and inclusive learning community of students and the adults who work with them, all engaged in thought, dialogue, and exploration. Through the use of a project-based inquiry curriculum, we help students become independent thinking human beings, who understand how to learn. At each stage of learning, educators foster the development of young people’s voice and sense of personal and social responsibility.

An end of year message from the Unity Committee

Hi 610 Henry Community,

We wanted to send out one final newsletter this year to highlight just a few of the collaborations that occurred this spring. This edition of the unity newsletter highlights the ways in which our students in grades pre-k through 12 are able to learn, laugh and grow together. We hope that you have a relaxing summer and look forward to continuing this work next year!

Amanda and Amy

7th Grade Graphic Novel Share

In their final writing unit of the year, 7th graders create their own graphic novels. Through reading various graphic novels, meeting with guest artists and writers and conducting research, 7th grade students design a graphic novel on a topic of their choice. Some are designed for younger audiences and are read to BNS students, while others are designed for older audiences and are read to upper grade students. This year student topics covered a wide range of topics, Here are just a few: A history of the black lives matter movement told through the hashtag symbol, a fish named Guppie whose friends convince him he can't swim, an informational reading about llamas called Llamaliscious, and so many more.
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BNS students visit the BCS College Office

Every year, students from BNS first grade do a school exploration unit, and interview different members of the 610 community. Our college office staff always have the pleasure of hosting kids in the College Office, and they share some of their big questions about the work we do here: "What grade is college?" "How many years before I go?" "How old are you?"

The first graders met seniors who were working on college applications and enrollment, and as a follow up to their visit, traveled with some of our seniors to the fifth floor for a tour of classrooms and work happening upstairs at Brooklyn Collaborative.

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Unity in Unexpected Places

Recently, there was a small overlap in the auditorium schedule and a 3rd class and BCS high school dance class were in the auditorium at the same time. While the 3rd graders were waiting for the older kids to finish up, senior and BNS graduate Cassidy Van Cooten started to talk with them about why she loved BCS and all the things she was involved in. Then when the BNS drummers & dancers came, BCS stayed for the performance. This impromptu opportunity for unity inspired one 3rd grader's reflection in class.

We are sad to see senior Cassidy leave us after so many years in the building but are very happy to announce that she will be attending Brandeis University this fall on a full scholarship!

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Red Nose Day!

The Brooklyn Collaborative Global Voices club, an after school club that explores culture and giving back to the community organized our first ever Red Nose Day.

Thanks to you all, Global Voices was able to raise and donate a total of $611 to the Red Nose Fund! BCS and BNS staff, students and families helped us to make this event a true community-wide effort. With all of your help, we have given kids around the globe access to things we often take for granted. We can't wait for next year's fun and noses! :0)

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