Geothermal Energy🌋

By Mason McComb

"geo" means Earth and "thermal" means heat so it means heat energy inside of Earth!

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is heat energy from the Earth. Most electrical power is converted from Geothermal Energy. Geological faults and hot spots are places where geothermal energy is available. Magma penetrates the Earth's crust near these areas. Below the surface several miles or kilometers down, there is magma heating rocks. Aquifers are also heated by magma.

Did you know that Geothermal Energy is renewable?

Geothermal Energy is clean and sustainable heat from the Earth. It can't ever run out because Earth is constantly producing geothermal energy from the Earth's crust. There is no burned fuel, which means no air pollution. Geothermal Energy is so cheap but coal plants are the same cost as new power plants making electricity.

How Geothermal Energy is used

People that work in geothermal energy power plants have built and are still building Geothermal wells. These wells pick up geothermal energy through the geothermal reservoir to the power plant. Then the workers convert the geothermal energy into electricity that eventually will power homes, buildings, etc.

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