How We Do It

A snapshot of our classroom

All for Free! (school domain) with Skitch

LOTS of websites

**There are multiple other apps and software that perform the same function, so think of this as a method, not a recipe.

Some of our Top Websites

Don't forget about YouTube, Vimeo,, and all your other favorite online resources!

How does the teacher stay organized? Diigo! is great! I've installed the diigo applet on all browsers on my work and home computers, plus my SmartPhone, and I use tags as I find resources. I also make private groups for each content area I teach and invite kids to join my groups.

Last but Not Least, My Favorite Tricks

<a href="URL">Title of Link</a> - use this code in the "description" portion of an entry in a Google calendar. It then shows up as a link!

For sites that self-grade, require kids to email a Skitch (or other screenshot) of their final score so you know how they've done.

Use Google Forms (with Flubaroo for automatic grading) and sites like for formative assessments.

Let's Get Started!

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