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Keaton Standley ( is a Real Estate Agent in Bunbury WA who specializes in Real Estate Sale and Rental Properties in Bunbury, Eaton, Donnybrook, Dalyellup, South West and other areas. Give us a call today for an appraisal.

You should deal simply locally registered and licensed real estate professional. When the agent fails to get results on promises then you can file complaint together with the concerned government department and association of realtors. You are able to crosscheck registration and license information of your agent on the web.

Mandatory Disclosure Information

There exists a real-estate agency disclosure form how the company must provide at the first ending up in a client who wishes to sell property. Agents who are not aware of this basic law might not be up to date with other real-estate laws.

Keaton Standley

You need to ask the agent for references. Even though you’ll probably receive just the best references, the knowledge will still tell you many information about the agent. You need to ask the agent’s earlier clients their example of working with this professional.

Ask how much time the agent are able to give your case. A real estate agent that is currently handling plenty of clients is not likely to devote time on your project. However, a realtor who is a part of an organization or agency could possibly help sell your own home fast because a real team has numerous qualified people in addition to good support who are able to handle work professionally.
Keaton Standley Real Estate Agent Bunbury