Romeo And Juliet

Movie Report

The movie Romeo and Juliet inspired by the play written by William Shakespeare was a great love movie that will get people really interested in this wonderful play. All the great features from the play were brought onto the screen in order for you to relax and watch. The most interesting part of the movie was when Romeo sees Juliet dead, kills himself and then Juliet kills herself when she wakes up and sees Romeo dead. The reason for this part being the most interesting is because this part is the part that makes the actors in the movie show their commitment by staying in character and acting as if it was really happening.

Another feature that makes the movie great is the accurate costumes and great atmosphere. Costumes in the movie are great because they are accurate in terms of the time that the movie is taking place. The costumes really showed how people were dressed back in the day and how much has change since then. The atmosphere was awesome because from the great acting and accurate costumes it really makes you think that they did a great job and that they put their hearts into making the movie.

The rate given throughout the whole movie for acting out of 10 would be a 9/10. A compliment for the movie is how close the details throughout the movie were to the play. The fact that the movie is almost identical to the play itself is awesome because you can sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful love story without even having to pick up the book. Overall this Romeo and Juliet movie is a great choice if you feel like learning a little bit about Shakespeare's plays. This movie would also be great for teachers who are trying to teach their students Romeo and Juliet or if their students are already learning about Shakespeare and have finished reading the play, it would be a great way to wrap up the unit.