Room 104 Classroom Newsletter

School Readiness Class: APPLES

A peek into this week...

It has been a successful first "full" week in Room 104! This week the students had fun learning about themselves and about each other. On Monday, the students read the book "I Like Me" which talked about how we all "look" different and how we can celebrate those differences. The students looked in the mirror and shared what they liked best about themselves. Some replies were "I like my eyes", "I like my hair", "I like my smile". The students also drew "self portraits" which are now hanging up in our classroom. On Wednesday, we talked about our families. The children shared how many people are in their families and the names of their brothers and/or sisters. They also drew a picture of their family that is now hanging on the "family tree" outside of our classroom. On Thursday, the children practiced writing their names. We then counted how many letters in our name and sorted them with the whole class. Today, the children shared their all about me bags and asked friends about what they brought. We were not able to get through all of the students, so we will finish and return them by Monday!

Coming Up!

Next week, we will continue working on our all about me unit. We will be talking about height, emotions, 'favorites' and more about ourselves. I have noticed that a lot of the kids have become more comfortable playing and talking with each other, which was one of my goals for this unit. They are now moving independently through the centers, and seem comfortable with the rules and routines of the classroom. They all are having fun learning about themselves and their friends in the classroom!

Conversation Starters

*What did some of your friends bring in their all about me bags?

*How did you draw yourself in your self-portrait?

*When you looked in the mirror, what do you like most about you?