Letter From Montag

by- Kayla Prusak

Dear citizens of 2016,

People and Teens mostly, watch TV on their free time or use other electronics. Nobody reads, if we find somebody reading we burn the book. If we find books somewhere else we will burn them, ALL OF THEM. Yes we do still go outside. But not as much as we should, we watch more TV and we don't read. We try to get our kids out of school faster, therefore putting them in school at an earlier age. Don't even try to be sneaky and bring a book into your house, we will find it if we suspect something. Firemen are a big part of our society, they're the ones who burn the books.
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READ, read, read! Everyone read, right now you may take reading and books for granted but DON'T! You don't want our society to become what is now. Take some time and read instead watching TV. Flip the page not the channel. ;) Try to stay active, and not cooped up watching TV. Teens, you might say "I don't like reading" or "reading is boring" but it helps in the long run. You will probably miss them or be curious about them in the future if you let your society get to our level society right now.
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sincerely~ Guy Montag