DNA and Biotechnology

By Tyrus Siegfried

What is biotechnology? Biotechnology is a way of using biological processes for industrial and other purposes. DNA plays a big role in bio technology because the DNA can be manipulated and used in our favor, that is what we use for genetically modifying something. What others things is biotechnology existant in? Medicine, biotechnology is a very prominent factor in medical success.Biotechnology has helped discover many pharmecuetical drugs. As an example in 1978 Genetech developed synthetic humanized insulin. Biotechnology is not only used in the medical field, but also in agriculture and for environmental and industrial purposes. Biotechnology is used in agriculture very often because scientists genetically modify food such as corn and potatoes, to make the vegetables grow bigger and faster, even though it can be unhealthy and unsafe. Biotechnology is used in bio-remediation, it is used to make bio-remediation, and to help the cells grow and intake more of whatever pollution they are "eating." One of the biggest negative impacts of biotechnology is in the agriculture field, the scientist will grow crops quicker, even though growing the crops faster can have a bad impact on our bodies. If I got a job in biotechnology I would go into ariculture because they do tons of cool things like fix things with plants, and create better additions to plants. The scientists have to fix things if there is a new law or problem with their crops.