A Monotheistic religion

Interesting Facts

Judaism is one of the three important monotheistic religions that are celebrated in the Middle East. To Begin, the followers of Judaism are called Jews. The beliefs of Judaism are to do prayers and worship God. Jews celebrate Sabbath, a holy day from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and they must study Tanakh. Also Jews should follow God's laws (including the 10 commandments) and God treats everybody as an equal (Justice emphasized). Next, the traditions are to practice Judaism and rituals. Some Jews only eat Kashrat foods, but do not eat pork, shellfish, or any mixing of milk and meat products. A Bar (boy) and Bat (girl) mitzvah at the age of thirteen. The Place where people worship God is called Synagogue, the Worship leader is called Rabbis, the teacher of Torah. The holy book of the Judaism religion is called Tanakh. The holy days of Judaism are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Plagues, and the most known holy day, Hanukkah. Rosh Hashanah is a new year for Jews, and fasting starts. Yom Kippur is when fasting ends and a celebration. Plagues celebrates when the the "Angel of Death" passed over Hebrews who were bondage in Egypt. Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil lasting eight days when only enough for one day. The holy city is called Jerusalem. The Common Holy Site is the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall), which is located in Jerusalem. Judaism is one of the three important Monotheistic religions celebrated in the Middle East.


Place of Worship
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The place of worship for Jews, they attend Synagogue to do prayers and practice rituals.


Worship Leader
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The Worship leader of Synagogue, He is the teacher of Tanakh (holy book).

Six-pointed Star

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The main symbol for Judaism, found on Synagogues.


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At the age of thirteen, a Bar (boy) and Bat (girl) mitzvah. Mitzvah means commandments.


Holy Book
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The holy book in Judaism, Jews must study Tanakh everyday.


Holy cities/places
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Jerusalem is the holy city that Jews visit. The Western/Wailing Wall is in Jerusalem.

Most Common Figure of the Three Monotheistic Religions...

The common figure of all the three religions is Abraham. He is the founder of all three religions. One view of god that is common in all three religions is that they all believe in one god (In Judaism Jews believe in Yahweh). This is called Monotheism.