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CA FBLA Quarterly Newsletter-Winter Edition 2020

California Future Business Leaders of America

President's Corner

Dear California FBLA:

On behalf of the State Executive Board, I would like to wish you a happy new year (and decade)! I hope that 2020 brings you exciting experiences both within and beyond FBLA.

Congratulations to everyone who recently participated in their local Section Conference! Competitive conferences are incredible opportunities to advance your business knowledge, bond with students from other chapters, and make new memories. If you plan on competing at the upcoming State Leadership Conference, I highly encourage you to visit our website ( and utilize any available resources for your event. The State website additionally provides a list of updated guidelines for each competition and further information regarding SLC.

Since our last issue, the State team has assembled a set of regional contact lists to assist members across the state in organizing chapter events and finding career-related opportunities. Take advantage of your Section’s list to forge new relationships with industry experts in your community or use the sample email shown on our Instagram account (@cafbla) to contact another business-minded individual! The social network you build with time can offer valuable resources and guidance as you navigate your professional areas of interest.

To bolster participation in state projects, your officers have created and posted infographics with advice, deadlines, and directions for each initiative. If you chose to complete a project, we hope you found these resources useful! To stay updated on CA FBLA news and enjoy personal content compiled by chapters and State officers, be sure to follow our social media. You may also visit our website to view meeting minutes and gain greater insight towards the State team’s discussions.

As always, feel free to contact me ( or any of the other State officers if you have suggestions, questions, or feedback for us! I look forward to seeing many of you in Ontario for the 2020 State Leadership Conference.


Venugopal Chillal
2019-2020 California FBLA State President

CAFBLA Contact Lists

The California FBLA State Executive Board has been working diligently to create opportunities for chapters and are excited to introduce new initiatives to ensure success. Following our POW goal of identifying chapter needs and providing appropriate guidance to support their sustainable development, we have developed the CAFBLA Contact Lists. We’ve curated a list of business professionals for each CAFBLA Section such that members can contact them for setting up guest speakers and business tours. These lists can be accessed by clicking on the “Resources” tab on and selecting “Section Resources”. Please contact the State Parliamentarian at if you would like to receive the sample email format. This can also be found on the California FBLA Instagram! We would love to see your photos at the numerous business tours and guest speakers we’re sure you have planned, so please tag the California FBLA Instagram!

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Alumni Advice

Hannah Rho

Looking back, my fondest FBLA memories were those shared with my teammates and friends, whom I still keep in touch with. There's a reason why FBLA events are called conferences, not competitions: break the ice at social events, sit in on presentation events you've never heard of, and indulge in late night gossip over UberEats. The results of the awards ceremony can be disappointing at times, so making the most out of other opportunities at conferences can easily make the trip worth it! Tldr; don't forget to have fun. -Hannah Ro, Yale University .

Adam Ng

FBLA has given me a tremendous step ahead. In terms of general knowledge, taking events such as entrepreneurship, global business, and marketing were extremely rewarding in teaching me basic principles that I could take in and utilize in the organizations as well as firms that I am currently working for. There are tons of people as well at UC Berkeley who were in FBLA, and I feel as though my term in the organization ended after a fantastic four years, the people and connections made last forever. Many FBLA members still connect with one another long after college, and this network is what has actually opened up different avenues of job opportunities for me. Most importantly, I learned to be a true professional from FBLA. Don't take it for granted, as the time will go by faster than you know it. -Adam Ng, UC Berkeley

Bay Section Conference

The 2020 Bay Section Leadership Conference was held at Westmoor High School in Daly City on Saturday, February 8. With a total attendance of 800 members, Bay Section members performed well in tough competition and also had a wonderful time networking with others. The conference offered many workshops held by local professionals and organizations, such as by Daly City Teens, and an entertainment session that drew over 90 participants. The boba fundraiser raised over one thousand dollars for March of Dimes. Overall, the conference was a major success, and Bay Section members are ready to continue pursuing excellence at the State Leadership Conference in April.

Central Section Conference

On a sunny Saturday in Visalia, the Central Section Leadership Conference was held at Redwood High School on February 8th where chapters from across the section attended with opportunities to compete, network, and create memories. The day started off with the opening session where Redwood High principal, Mr. Shin, greeted members to an eventful day along with testing rules and regulations. Afterwards, candidates for next year’s officer team gave their campaign speeches. Once the opening session ended, members scattered across the Redwood campus to take tests, study for events, network with others, and participate in activities such as kickball, basketball, and Kahoot. Once the tests were finishing up, every member assembled back into the gym for the March of Dimes drawing with prizes ranging from gift cards, Amazon Echo Dots, and a Chromebook. To conclude the conference, the award ceremony was held where chapters could see all their hard work and studying pay off with a plaque and a trip to SLC in Ontario. Overall, the Central Section Leadership Conference was a huge success!

Gold Coast Section Conference

The Gold Coast Section Leadership Conference was held on February 22, 2020, at South Pasadena High School. With over 500 attendees consisting of business professionals, members, volunteers, and advisers, the section conference was a success! Members of our section were not only able to compete, but attend financial literacy workshops held by the Credit Union and financial analyst, Andrew Ten! In addition, our section officers held Shark Tank, Trading Tournament, Escape Room, and a Monopoly Room workshops for our entertainment sessions. Our section members came together to make over 60 Valentine cards to donate to our veterans and bought shaved ice from the Kona Ice truck to contribute to our March of Dimes fundraiser. The Gold Coast Section team congratulates all of our members who competed and look forward to seeing our state qualifiers at the 2020 State Leadership Conference!

Inland Section Conference

Energy, passion, and family are the most accurate words you can use to describe the Inland Section Conference. Over 600 students attended but it wasn’t how many that came but how we interacted with each other that mattered. From the start of the morning, we had enthusiasm. As members walked in they greeted each other with high fives and smiles, and some even brought their own signs to spread kindness. That energy progressed throughout the entire day as members supported officer candidates campaigning, competed with their hearts and networked with each other. After competitions, students participated in different professional workshops where they learned about business law, and the new uses of social media in our word today. They also sang along to Frozen and pushed their entrepreneurial pursuits by creating business and solving problems in the Inland Section Shark Tank. At night the energy was even greater as schools cheered on their members that were awarded regardless of whatever place they received. The entire day represented all the work students put in but also the spirit of unity we shared together. For all those that came, thank you for your charisma! Regardless of whether it was your first conference or your last, carry on the things you’ve learned, and continue to make your schools FBLA great while leaving an impact on the students around you.

Northern Section Conference

The Northern Section Leadership Conference was held on February 8th at Colusa High School. There were 350 members in attendance from 11 different chapters. The day started with morning refreshments right before the general session where members had the opportunity to hear a keynote speech from local government official, Assemblyman James Gallagher. The afternoon was broken up with some fun entertainment! There was a talent show, a friendly game of Family Feud, and an interactive rally that was run by the Colusa High School Rally Commission! The Awards of Excellence program was a very streamlined process that was easy for all members to navigate through. Overall, the Northern Section Conference was a great success!

Southern Section Conference

On February 22, Southern Section held its annual Leadership Conference at Valencia High School with approximately 600 members in attendance. Shout out to the following chapters: Canyon Crest Academy, Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Portola High School, and Scripps Ranch High School. Whether it was your chapter’s first section conference ever or your chapter’s first section conference in years, Southern Section was beyond thrilled to have you and can't wait to see you again in the coming years! This year’s Southern Section Leadership conference was filled with workshops on meditation and stress relief, mini gaming tournaments, and even karaoke. As it poured outside, members had the opportunity to bond over Disney Plus in the auditorium. Congratulations to everyone who competed at Section Conference, and to state qualifiers: carry on the Southern Section legacy!

Adviser Highlights

Adviser: Mrs. Cardona

Chapter: Chaparral Middle School

Section: Inland

Years as an Adviser: 1

Fun Fact: Before she was a teacher she was a mememaster/maker.

Chapter Achievement: Since this is the school’s first year as a chapter, attending and competing at the Inland Section Conference was a huge accomplishment.

Adviser: Ms. Burg

Chapter: Colusa High School

Section: Northern

Years as an Adviser: 3

Fun Fact: She was the Northern Section President when she was in high school!

Chapter Achievement: Colusa High School was recognized for having the most Professional Members in the western region at NLC and achieving Gold Seal for the 22nd year in a row.

Adviser: Mr. Chang

Chapter: Glen A. Wilson High School

Section: Southern

Years as an Adviser: 2

Fun Fact: He graduated from college with both his undergraduate and graduate degree in Business Administration. After working in a managerial position in the retail industry, he settled his life career in teaching to help, inspire, educate, and motivate others.

Chapter Achievement: Chapter members initiated the Social Awareness Program. Los Angeles County supervisor, Ms. Janice Hahn gave a presentation to members about the local problems in the city and regulations that help solve these problems.

Adviser: Mrs. Corona

Chapter: Turlock High School

Section: Central

Years as an Adviser: 3

Fun Fact: She has owned and operated a small business, Corona Images, doing photography with her husband for 14 years.

Chapter Achievement: The chapter doubled their membership with over 40 registered members (19 went to Sections and 16 going to state)! They also held their first major fundraising tradition, Pancake Breakfast with Santa where members cooked and served a delicious breakfast and offered free photos with Santa.

Adviser: Mr. Nebens

Chapter: Santa Susana High School

Section: Gold Coast

Years as an Adviser: 2

Fun Fact: He has lived in 6 different states including NY, NJ, PA, TX, IL, and CA!

Chapter Achievement: As a new and rising chapter in the Gold Coast Section, the chapter was able to send 12 students to the Leadership Development Institute South for the first time this year!

Adviser: Mrs. Robledo

Chapter: Lynbrook High School

Section: Bay

Years as an Adviser: 4

Fun Fact: Mrs. Robledo and her daughter taught at the same school for 4 years!

Chapter Achievement: The chapter hosted a live interview-style guest speaker event with the CEO of 3marketeers, Jeff Holmes. Members were able to ask Mr. Holmes questions regarding his company and other concepts they were interested in.