The You Revolution

A movement of women for an all-natural self

Beauty is idealized in the media

Women are struggling with confidence like never before. With constant exposure to media, women are feeling inadequate and dull next to the shining stars that we see in the media. Everyday women are expected to look like these celebrities, constantly primped and polished. It’s not as easy as it seems on TV to be flawless, a fact that women are struggling to accept everywhere. We are humans. We are not flawless. In fact, we should embrace our flaws.

Step out of your comfort zone

We invite you to take a challenge

Join the revolution. The You Revolution is a movement of women shedding all false pretenses, and embracing their natural selves. No makeup, no hair products, no styling tools. Simply, an all-natural, happier you. Free yourself from the chains of society’s beauty expectations.

Not only with you have more time to enjoy the things you love, but you will start to accept yourself for who you are. Over 44% of women feel insufficient without makeup and styling products, saying it is a societal norm. If you break the mold, and forget the falsities, you can begin to realize that all makeup does is hinder and hide you.

Join the movement

Take a stand against society's standards! Look at our website to see locations and times for You Revolution group meetings within your community. If there isn't a group in your metro area, we invite you to start one of your own! You will experience a unique, support atmosphere of strong women who share an ideal, just like you! See for more details.

Men will stare. Women will stare. And everyone will admire your bravery and confidence for becoming your best kind of self: your natural self.

What Started the Revolution

Founder Stacey Arnold had finally had enough. Her morning regimen was cutting into her life, taking away from family time and sleep. In a highly-competitive, corporate workplace, Stacey always had to look her best. But she decided, it shouldn’t be looks that mattered most. So Stacey stopped wearing makeup. She got noticed, in a good way. Because of that, Stacey wanted to reach out to women everywhere and let them know that it is okay to go all natural, to show your true self. Since 2011, the You Revolution has been promoting well-being and confidence in women across America.

The You Revolution

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