The Road To Prseverance

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is the ability to overcome an obstacle, from everyday problems to changing how a country treats a group of people. Perseverance requires great strengths, physically or mentally, because while your trying to change something, there will be people who don't want change and will do what ever it takes from stopping you making the change. One way to persevere is to never give up on a goal you have set, even if you think it will never happen, you have to believe.

Winston Churchill Persevered!

Winston Churchill was a brave and heroic historical figure. He was born in 1874. His childhood wasn't very good. His nana was was more of a mother than his own mother and wasn't good at school.

Throughout his life he has shown great perseverance, bravery and leadership. For example when he had to lead Britain in WW2 against a stronger enemy. He also had to go through school and his life without a real mother during his early childhood.

However, he is best known for being able to lead and inspire Great Britain to fight back in the war. During this time Winston Churchill was on his way to great accomplishments, such as earning many medals for his great work. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” From this quote, we know that even if you succeed, the success is not always going to stay, and if you fail that doesn't mean it's the end, just you have to try again later. Most important of all is to stay courageous and to keep going and never give up.

Winston Churchill was a brave, persuasive, and leading man. He helped Great Britain throughout the war and is one of their greatest heroes till today.

Losing To Win

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Carry On

Leroy and Dartanyon both had disabilities. Dartanyon was blind and Leroy didn't have the ability to walk, he was hit by a train at a young age. They persevered by working together to get over their problems. They would be on the wrestling team for their school and they were still able to win many times, even though they had some disadvantages. Even though they had these disabilities, they were still able to do great things. For example, Dartanyon won a bronze medal in the Olympics and Leroy got a college degree for video game design, and was able to become a proud parent with his girlfriend, now wife.

Jackie Robinson

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Eleanor Rosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was President Roosevelt's wife, but before he was president it was her that allowed him to become who he was then. Theodore got sick and was taken from his position in politics to get better, at the time people wanted him to give up politics and to become a retired man who doesn't have to work, but Theodore didn't want that. If it wasn't for his wife Eleanor who stood up for him and stopped everyone from putting him to retirement, he never would have been elected president once he had gotten better from his illness.

What can we learn?

These great peoples triumphs and success required great perseverance. Today we can show great perseverance as well to face todays adversities. Use these hero's examples to help with your road to perseverance. Even though you may not need to persevere as much as these hero's did, you can still make a difference by persevering for you own life.