The Books of Elsewhere

The Books of Elsewhere

This book is awesome! Well...books, its a fiction series about a girl named Olive, and her new house with a scary backstory. The Author that wrote this amazing series is Jacqueline West. This series was a New York times bestselling series and when you read it, it will make sense why it was. In the books Olive, is trying to stop the painting of the original owner of the house from bringing evil to the world. My favorite part is when she meets the cats that have a special purpose inside the house.


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About Jacqueline West

This author made the series The Books of Elsewhere. This was a New York best selling series and gets mostly above 4 star ratings.


"One of the best series ever made!"

Mostly 4.5 star ratings on Amazon!


The first book (The Shadows) was published June 14, 2011. Since then each book that came after the other kept getting better and better! Now there is a total of 5 books in the series. Each one with moments that will have you on the edge of your seat!


Please read this book! If you don't I will cry...