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Jerusalem, Israel

By Abby Jones

Jerusalem, Israel is an exotic place to visit. It has lots of incredible sites, and lots of history. Make sure to visit these places on your journey!
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Israel Museum

Open from 10 am-2 pm. Plan to stay 2-3 hours

Chris O. Says: “The Israel Museum houses one of the most impressive collections I have ever seen. Here you can admire the breathtaking Dead Sea Scrolls, which include some of the oldest remains of the original Hebrew Bible, and you will also find more recent art in the shape of Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, and Henry Moore. I enjoy spending at least half a day to explore this incredible place, do not miss it!”

Address: Givat Ram Ruppin Fd. Jerusalem Israel

Phone: 972 2 6708811

Mahane Yehuda Market

Plan to stay 1-2 hours. Get cash to spend before entering the market.

Chris O says: “Nothing beats an afternoon spent strolling around this bustling and active food market. Treats I like the most during any Mahane Yehuda forage include the scrumptious and cheap falafel-stuffed pita from the super popular shop on the corner of Mahane Yehuda and Ha-Tut Streets; a very cheap shot of 'Royal Drink' (with cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne and more) from Uzi Eli, 'The Etrog Man' on Ha-Egoz Street; and picking up a bag of za’atar for cooking back home. There's also the treat of simply taking lots of photos as I amble alongside locals doing their shopping too!”

Address: Mahane Yehuda Street Jaffe Road and Kiach Street Jerusalem Israel

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust History Museum, Museum of Holocaust Art, Exhibitions Pavilion, and Synagogue are open until 8pm. All other sites close at 5pm Plan to stay more than 3 hours

Chris O. Says: “At the top of Jerusalem's Har Hazikaron, you will find this extensive museum dedicated to the six million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust. Yad Vashem is also a working research and documentation center, dedicated to preserving the memory of both victims and survivors of the Holocaust. A must-see attraction, albeit a rather harrowing one; be sure to allow several hours to give this site and all its various exhibits the attention it warrants.”

Near Herzl Blvd. Jerusalem 91034 Israel

Phone: 972 2 6443400

Hours: Friday 9:00 am- 2:00 pm


Mount of Olives

Plan to stay 2-3 hours. The Mount is perhaps best explored with a local guide. Sandemans New Jerusalem Day Tours comes highly recommended for its tour of this area.

Chris O Says: “In East Jerusalem, this holy site is associated with many of the most important moments in the life of Christ. It is also an amazing vantage point to admire the Old City.”

Address: Mount of Olives Road East Jerusalem Jerusalem Israel

Phone: 0545741511

Old City of Jerusalem

Plan to stay more than 3 hours.

Chris O. Says: “This is why you’re here, right? To experience the history and living connection to the past? I can’t think of a place with so many historic and significant cultural and religious sites, within such close proximity of one another, as Jerusalem’s Old City. It blew my mind the first time I visited Jerusalem! (In addition to making time to visit a few key attractions, you might find yourself coming back here again during your trip — as I did — just to take it all in!)”

Phone: 03-516-6699

Tower of David Museum

Plan to stay 1-2 hours. The “Night Spectacular” laser show is a captivating way to learn about the history of Jerusalem, and its many eras and occupations.

Chris O says: “The Tower of David, aka the Jerusalem Citadel, is located near Jaffa Gate. A fascinating archaeological site in itself, the medieval tower is also home to an amazing museum which tells the story of this ancient city through an overwhelming collection of artifacts. Plus, its numerous modern and interactive features make it meaningful for visitors of all ages!”

Address: Jaffa Gate Jerusalem Israel

Phone: 972 2626 5333

Western Wall

Plan to stay Less than 1 hour.

Chris O says: “The ancient remains of Jerusalem’s Second Temple is a place of prayer, sacred to people of the Jewish faith. The devotion and practice of faith and tradition here is a marvel to behold.”

Address: Western Wall Plaza Jewish Quarter Jerusalem 97500 Israel

Phone: 972 2627 1333

Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross)

Plan to stay 1-2 hours.

Chris O says: “This steep, winding, and narrow route that the cross-bearing Jesus is said to have taken en route to his crucifixion, offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, no matter what your personal religious convictions are.”

Address: Via Dolorosa Old Town Israel

Phone: 05456638887


Masada National Park

Plan to stay more than 3 hours.

When you go, it is recommended to go with a guide, as there is so much to discover.

Chris O. says: “It is no surprise that Masada is the most popular attraction in Israel. Standing isolated and majestic in the Judaean Desert, this ancient fortification was King Herod the Great's last stronghold in the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 73 AD. Taking in the history of this ancient site is breathtaking and heartbreaking in equal measure.”

Address: Masada Ein Gedi Israel

Phone: 08-6584207

Dead Sea

Plan to stay more than 3 hours.

Chris O. says: This is the lowest place on earth (423 meters below sea level), and it is true what they say: You really can float when you are swimming in the Dead Sea! — This is due to its 33.7% salt concentration (over eight times saltier than the oceans).

Phone: 972-3-516-6699

Ein Gedi Spa

Plan to stay 2-3 hours.

Chris O. says: “I had a supremely relaxing time at the Ein Gedi Spa on the shores of the Dead Sea. Low key and with hardly any luxury trappings, it is a laidback place to while some time away, and enjoy a beautiful day at the Dead Sea. I personally loved getting caked in the mineral-rich Dead Sea mud, drying off in the sun, and then doing it all over again.”

Address: Ein Gedi Kibbutz Ein Gedi Country Hotel Ein Gedi 86980 Israel

Phone: 927-8-6594230


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