The Neolithic Revolution History

By Leo Barnett

Why Where When

when you hear revolution you think wars. but it means a world wide spread of life. and when they were traveling they ate berries that they found and the women collected seeds. then the women started to cultivate while the men were hunting many of thes people continued to hunt the women started planting the berries and seeds that they gathered when they were traveling. they also gathered fruits,nuts, and roots. between the Tigris and Euphrates river it has lush vegetation and abundant animal species. all of this did not happen over night it took thousands of years

The first crops

The women started noticing patterns when they were growing and planting crops.but it wasn't easy for the women it was mostly a trial and error when they started then they got better at growing china grew millet,and rice farmers in the Americas heavily depended on corn,beans, and squash farmers in India & the middle east grew barley and wheat but the middle east only Also grew figs lentals and rye. and when they had a surplus of food they started to get other jobs and dug pits to store their crops

The first farm animals

the first farm animals that were domesticated by humans were dogs. dogs were first used by humans when they started to hunt together. and the humans first domesticated animals 10,000 years ago.goats were easy to tame because of there small size and there tameness. they provided people milk,hide,wool,and manure.and help with labor around the fields. along time ago it was a problem when animal diseases started to spread to people like the swine flue and the avian flu. Dogs were also used for pasturing goats and sheep. the oxen and cattle(Beasts of burden) were working in the fields so less people worked in the fields and started to get other jobs like tool smith weaving,

extra information

a long time ago where the first civilizations started in the fettle crescent there were people called Sumerians they made writing and it is called cuneiform to wright cuneiform they got a tablet of wet clay and used a stylus to write and this was called cuneiform and this is how writing was made