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Deepak Kavadia - Industry Recognition

A renowned expert on gemstones jewelry, Deepak Kavadia has gained industry recognition for his knowledge and talents as a leading entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has earned numerous accolades from business colleagues, and established professional relationships with various dignitaries and world-renowned entrepreneurs, including Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Adelson G. Sheldon (3rd Richest Person – Forbes).

Deepak Kavadia: Buying Jewelry

Jewelry has been a mainstay among humanity, with ancient eras recorded to have an affinity for precious stones. Much like today, chances are purchasing jewelry was not the easiest thing to do. With many options to mull over, a consumer can be hard pressed to make a decision just by first glance. However, by learning how to shop for jewelry, a consumer can find it easier to find the right jewelry piece for their personal or business collection.

Deepak Kavadia is a renowned gemstone expert, an individual who has (for more than a decade) helped advance the interests of various gemstone stakeholders in both the United States and India. His work has earned him various accolades, which comes mainly from his dedication to learning as much as he can about gemstones. His services are sought after by the high and mighty, and for most meetings, he gives a version of the following advice.

What is the purpose of buying?
Not all precious stones are ideal to be set in jewelry pieces, explains Deepak Kavadia. Some stones are simply too fragile to be set in a wedding ring or bracelet, for example. The hardness of a stone, in many cases, is what determines its suitability in jewelry pieces.

Personal tastes and preferences: Do you have personal tastes or a favorite color?

If you know what exactly you are looking for, then half the battle is won. Usually, if you have some scant information like color (“I like pink stones”), performing due diligence with the resources at hand (the internet, gemstone dealers) will enable you focus specifically on the gemstone you wish for.

Deepak Kavadia - Growing Your Business

Most, if not all, business owners are always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow their business ventures. As sales increase and growth becomes evident, owners often want to take advantage of the opportunities presented to expand their businesses. However, lack of proper planning can often sabotage even the best of intentions.

Deepak Kavadia, a long-time entrepreneur, leader and mentor in the jewelry industry, knows the pitfalls that many business owners can fall into in their desire to expand their businesses. He offers his thoughts on the same.

Overhead costs

One of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to expanding your business is not watching out for the increased overhead costs. Where such costs may have been under control while your business was in a stable situation, rapid growth means extra expenses that eat into the company profits. Keep an eye on the overheads, Deepak Kavadia notes, lest they ground your expansion efforts.

Strategic growth

While growth is important in any business, it has to be in line with the company’s strategy and vision. You most certainly came up with the strategy for a reason: to provide a path to follow towards success. Deviating from the plan is not wise, says Deepak Kavadia. Sure, changes are allowed, but the strategic plan provides a blueprint that will work.

At the core of most businesses is the desire to meet client and customer expectations. “Never forget the importance of good customer service, expansion or not,” says Deepak Kavadia.

International Business, Deepak Kavadia

Deepak Kavadia is a man with a long relationship within the jewelry, precious stone and diamond markets. He is also a strong advocate of building up cultural and business relationships between the United States and his home country of India. This is a channel of business that has been gaining a tremendous amount of prominence and financial importance in recent years. While most people know these relationships to be along the lines of high technology endeavors, there are other important channels of industry that have started to explore this relationship and network of business arrangements.

The volume of economic goodwill and trade in recent years has found their way to just about every market thanks to the globalization efforts that have continued to take hold and that have been enabled by the advent of technological means. In establishing this working relationship, telephone has served as the director of the India diamond and color stone Association which was dedicated to promoting the gemstone industry and exploring these relationships around the world. He is a proponent of investment within the country of India and is always aiming for establishing a base of excellent visits through his experience, leadership and outstanding reputation.

As an ambassador for many businesses within India, Deepak Kavadia is also a stakeholder that is dedicated to the cause within the United States. This means that he is quite vocal and it is not difficult to find his respected and leading opinions through a variety of media which help structure the ongoing development of this important market and the relations between two countries.

Deepak Kavadia, Gems

Deepak Kavadia is a renowned international expert in the world of gems. There are many options when you are looking at just and it is important to have as much knowledge as possible when you are in the market. Gemstone jewelry is among the most popular forms of jewelry across the world. A variety of color and style combinations greet men and women as they seek and design their own personal decoration with the notion of fashion. For as far back as we can see, jewelry has been praised for its beauty and attractive values, but there are often other aspects of jewelry that people feel have healing effects, therapeutic and of course they can have deep meaning to the person who has received these things as a gift. One important aspect of the gem industry is that there is a difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones. This is something that is often misunderstood. The stones which are considered precious are emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. It is simply a matter of rarity. Semi-precious stones are all other gemstones that are not within those categories. This is a very simplistic model but it is an important thing to have awareness of because some forms of marketing in this industry can affect the value and pricing of certain pieces by categorizing things incorrectly. Buyers often look for certain aspects which indicates value and desirability. These include color, clarity, carat and cut. These are all aspects of gemstones which describe the stones in a way such that valuation can be made.

How Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

Most people see the entrepreneur as being a free-spirited millionaire that hit it lucky and lacks the responsibility to change the world. Many perceptions of beachside vacations, overwhelmingly large amounts of celebration, and the idea of being different sends the reputation of entrepreneurs into negative territory. However, despite the way most of society views them, entrepreneurs are usually some of the most socially responsible members of a community, and have the financial and influential position to make an impact. With the right cause, and the network of an entrepreneur behind it, the world can truly change for the better.

The assets of an entrepreneur set them up with the power needed for potential social change. Aside from the money that they have to work with, entrepreneurs have a method of networking that is far different from the average person. These people are elite networkers, connectors, and charismatic salesmen, who know how to meet new people and spread the word about things that matter. This is a powerful tool to have when seeking out social change, and can aid an entrepreneurs’ march toward making a difference.

The potential of an entrepreneur lies in his or her interest in making that change. One man has his eyes set on changing his entire culture and how they interact. Deepak Kavadia, a successful entrepreneur from the jewelry and gemstone designing industry, has used his influence as a businessman to bring together the international culture of Indians. His passion for Indian and United States politics has motivated him to join several organizations supporting the cause for Indians, and his mission is to create better relationships between the US and India. With just one man, an entire population of people can be changed. With a community of influencers, the world will become a different place.

Making a Success in Two Different Markets

Professionals in the business world spend decades mastering their industry in one particular market, taking many years of experience to truly grasp it. Making a successful career as an entrepreneur in one market is already a challenge, but for people who go international, the challenge becomes nearly impossible. With contrasting cultures, changing perceptions, and the need to appease a massive market pool, a mystery is made about the entrepreneur that masters two different markets.

Before any expansion can be made, a business must have the ability to master its originating market. Success comes from performance in the industry, and that can’t be done without true understanding of the ebbs and flows of the market in that area. Only then can you begin to sprout out to different markets and see what makes it different. Depending on the industry, some markets will stay the same, making it a simple expansionary process. However, some markets require complete reconfiguration of the operations in order to make way against the competitors already established there.

Market masters have the ability to do both of these, regardless of the industry. These unique people understand how to universalize or diversify their business operations to suit the needs of changing markets. Deepak Kavadia, an entrepreneur in the jewelry designing industry, has done this between his location in the United States and his home country of India. With two contrasting markets, he has managed to expand his way into two methods of jewelry design that beats double the competition for double the profit.

Deepak Kavadia - Tips for Achieving Success in Business

Success in business rarely, if ever, comes easy, even to the most dedicated and skilled of professionals. As Deepak Kavadia knows, reaching for one’s professional goals often takes a significant devotion of time, energy and internal drive; a commitment that can’t be sacrificed if one is to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

A successful business professional, jewelry designer and entrepreneur, Deepak Kavadia understands the many challenges and obstacles that often make their way into one’s path, particularly in a business environment that can exceptionally demanding and competitive. Below, Kavadia seeks to provide several basic ideas he believes every professional should keep in mind as they carve out their own niche in the business community.

Are You Adding Value?

Adding value, whether that be to an employer, your colleagues or customers, is what the game is all about, and is often the one thing that sets the professional apart from the competition. In professional terms, says Kavadia, adding value generally equates to more money, more recognition and more opportunity for promotion, making it absolutely essential for individuals to determine what exactly it is they provide that is better than the rest.

What Are You Passionate About?

Greatness, at least in business, is often achieved by those who are pursuing their passion. As Deepak Kavadia knows, passion can be a strong driving force behind how far a professional will go within the business environment. Determine what you’re passionate about, and don’t stop following that idea.

Why Are You Hesitating?

While it’s great to take the time to be prepared and planned for what you want to do, it won’t help unless you take action towards meeting your professional goals. If there’s something you want to do, take action now to make it happen.

Deepak Kavadia - Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamond buyer and expert Deepak Kavadia understands the enormous popularity, as well as expense, of Fancy Color Diamonds, which have quickly become the most sought-after diamonds in this century. These diamonds, which come in an array of vivid hues that have appeal to a large percentage of the diamond-consuming public, exist in various shades of pinks, yellows, reds, greens, blues, purples and many shades in-between.

As Deepak Kavadia knows, if gems are known as the flowers of the mineral world, than fancy color diamonds are surely the orchids; rare, beautiful and highly-aesthetic creations of nature that quickly become the standard of beauty and serenity as soon as they catch the view of the naked eye.

Deepak Kavadia and his team have considerable expertise in the field of fancy color diamonds, which are graded into seven different color classifications, the top three of which including Fancy Deep, Fancy Vivid and Fancy Intense. These top three classifications tend to be much rarer that the less saturated grades of Fancy, Fancy Light and Fancy Faint.

Kavadia and his team understands that fancy color diamonds are now synonymous with the traits of treasure and beauty, and are items that have become very hot over the last several decades. Fancy color diamonds have risen steadily to the top of the jewelry consumer’s must-have list, and have established their dominance over the many other precious and desirable gemstones in the industry. Expensive and rare, fancy color diamonds continue to raise eyebrows and evoke desire in even the most discernible of jewelry wearers and buyers throughout the world.

Deepak Kavadia - Gem Expert

Deepak Kavadia possesses a level of expertise of the gemstone industry that is often unrivalled and envied throughout the jewelry design business. Continually valued for the knowledge and insight he brings to the table, Kavadia has earned the respect and admiration of many of his colleagues and peers throughout the industry.

A knowledgeable and educated professional in the field of gemstones and diamonds, Deepak Kavadia understands both the popularity and the beauty antique and fancy color diamonds possess. His objective is to provide every client, customer and colleague the information and insight they need to make the best decision possible when it comes to the purchase of a precious gem, and to afford each individual the chance to select the piece of jewelry that fits best into their look and their lifestyle.

Deepak Kavadia
, a mentor for a leading sourcing company, as well as the former Director of the renowned Indian Diamond Color Stone Association, continues to benefit many with his considerable knowledge of gemstones, the history of the industry and what each particular stone can do in terms of beauty, physical cure and spirituality. An unofficial expert in the field of field of Astrological effects of Gems, or “Gemastrology”, Kavadia knows how powerful and beneficial it can be to obtain and wear just the right type of gemstone.

Kavadia understands the transformative effects of gems and diamonds, and works to empower his colleagues and clients with the information and tools they need to buy the best designed jewelry possible.

Deepak Kavadia - Birthstone Meanings

Deepak Kavadia enjoys being a jewelry and knows a lot about the stone and jewels he sells. He has always been fascinated by the different meanings of each birthstone. While many people know their birthstones, they don’t know the meanings behind them.

January - January’s birthstone is garnet and it is believed to have the power to protect a person while traveling. It was a favorite of ancient Arabs.

February - February’s birthstone is amethyst. It is believed to create courage and help strengthen relationships. It is often associated with love as well.

March - March’s birthstone is aquamarine. It is believed to be able to prevent illnesses such as kidney disease, stomach disease and heart disease.

April - April’s birthstone is diamond it is the symbol of everlasting love and is also believed to bring courage to the wearer.

May - May’s birthstone is emerald. It is a sign of fertility and rebirth. It is also a symbol of wisdom and patience. Emerald is believed to allow people to predict the future.

June - June’s birthstone is pearl and it is a sign of purity and sometimes faithfulness. It is believed to help establish a strong marriage and prevent newlyweds from fighting or becoming upset with each other.

July - July’s birthstone is Ruby. It is a sign of passion and love and is also believed to protect against evil. Rubies are also associated with heat and ultimate power.

August - August’s birthstone is peridot and it is the symbol of strength. It is also believed to protect against nightmares.

September - September’s birthstone is sapphire. It is believed to protect against evil and poisoning. Ancient people believe that the sky was blue because the earth was placed upon sapphire and it color reflected into the heavens.

October- October’s birthstone is opal. It symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. Many people believe that Opal offers the power of foresight and prophecy to the wearer or owner

November - November’s birthstone is topaz. It symbolizes love and affection. Topaz is also believed to drive away sadness and improve the mind and memory.

December - December’s birthstone is turquoise and it symbolizes luck, success and good fortune. In Mexico, only the Gods were allowed to wear turquoise and it was considered a sacred stone.

Deepak Kavadia
tries to educate his customers and clients on the types of jewelry he sells. He enjoys sharing the meanings of birthstones and other gemstones. Do you know the meaning of your birthstone?

Deepak Kavadia - Charitable Outreach Success

Deepak Kavadia is an experienced jeweler who designs many high-end pieces for a variety of clients. He is passionate about his job and it has motivated him to help other people. He is very active with the NRI Foundation and is proud to be able to support such great causes and make a difference in the lives of others.

Types of Outreach

The NRI Federation helps a variety of different causes and charities. They offer support, volunteers and monetary donation to those in need. Some examples of the types of assistance they provide include, holistic development, medical screening, working to improve gender equality, dignity of women, social justice, community service, cleanliness and cultural heritage.

The federation is also passionate about helping youths. They offer support to children and young adult with disabilities and handicaps and also sponsor educational programs and even personal safety courses. There are also many programs that are designed just for women.

Skill development is one of the best programs the NRI Foundation offers. It helps villagers learn new skills that will allow them to find jobs or take better care of themselves and families. These skills can vary and the development programs are available to villagers of any age.

Became women in India and around the world are often the victims of violence, the NRI Foundation works to find ways to protect these women and help them feel safe and secure. There are many programs that focus on improving the lives of women in these villages. Women are trained for better jobs and empower by these programs so they can stand up for themselves and better their lives.

Why Charitable Outreach Matters

Not everyone understands the importance of charitable outreach. The NRI Foundation has made a huge impact on the communities and villagers it represents. Many of these villagers were unable to find jobs or care for their families or themselves. There are many programs the federation offers, the villagers learned important job skills that allowed them to start caring for their families and living better lives. The youth in these villages are receiving better educations and are learning to skills to work better jobs. Women and children are being kept safe and many are learning new job skills that allow them to care for their families as well. Deepak Kavadia has seen the effects of charitable outreach and is proud to be a part of it.

Deepak Kavadia - Tips For Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

Deepak Kavadia helps many of his clients choose their favorite gemstones and then makes them into beautiful jewelry pieces. He also reminds that that it is important to keep gemstone jewelry clean. If you are wondering how to clean your gemstone jewelry, consider these tips.

Soak the jewelry in a bowl of warm water for several minutes. This will release all the dirt and grime that has gotten stuck on the jewelry over time. After the jewelry has been soaked you can dump out the water and refill it with clean water.

Add a small amount of dish soap to the bowl and allow the jewelry to soak for several more minutes. Take a soft brush gently scrub the jewelry to remove the dirt in the crevices and around the gemstones.

Rinse the jewelry well in cool water to remove the soap and any other dirt that was left behind and loosened up with the scrubbing. Make sure you rinse the gemstone jewelry well as the detergent could damage the gemstones if not removed.

Dry each piece of jewelry with a towel and store it. Do not put your jewelry away wet or damp as this could damage or tarnish it. You can pat the jewelry dry with a towel for the best results or lay it out on a towel and allow it to air dry completely.

Gemstone jewelry is beautiful and can be expensive. If you own gemstone jewelry and want to protect it and keep it looking great for many years, make sure you are cleaning it regularly and properly.

Deepak Kavadia - Helping Customers Choose The Right Jewelry

Deepak Kavadia knows that not everyone enters a jewelry store knowing what they want or need. Some customers need expert advice when choosing the right jewelry. He helps his customers find the pieces that are right for them and enjoys knowing that they walked away with something they love.


One of the things you should consider when choosing a piece of jewelry is when or where it will be worn. Do you need a piece of jewelry that can be worn casually or every day or do you want something more formal that is only worn for special events?


When it comes to jewelry, you have to have a budget. You should know your budget before you walk into the jewelry store and stick to it no matter what. A jeweler can help you find the pieces that are in your price range.

Stones and Metals

What kind of metal do you prefer? Gold, silver, platinum? There are many to choose from and some of them come in different colors and finishes as well. There are a variety of gemstones and diamonds to choose from too. Make sure you take your time and choose the piece of jewelry that speaks to you. You can also browse the jewelry store or do some research online to see what you like before you start shopping.

Deepak Kavadia enjoys keeping his customers and clients happy and that means helping them choose the right jewelry. Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced jeweler to help you pick out your next jewelry piece.