College History Professor

Weronika Pasierbik Pd. 10

Career Details

A history professor teaches and lectures about the cultural, social, and economic aspects of history (usually a specific time period, country, etc. they specialize in). They are to assign assignments as well as grade them and often times are required to do large amounts of reading, writing, and research.

Education Needed

While some colleges require only a Master's degree in History in order to be a professor, most also require a Ph.D., which in turn requires a Bachelor's program as well as a study that includes publishing original work.

Skills Required

*Extensive knowledge of history

*Good public speaking skills/ people skills

*Expert use of writing

*Organization and time management

*Creative thinking

Job Outlook/ Growth

It is predicted that job opportunities for this field would increase by at least 15 percent between 2008 and 2018 due to retirements of older professors as well as increased college enrollments.

Advancement Opportunities/ Related Jobs

Most people do not start as professors and instead work their way up, going from being a professor assistant to an associate professor and finally a full-time professor. With a history degree, jobs such as working in a museum, researcher, historian, etc. are also available.