River Basins

By: Iridian, Gabby, And shane


Some geologist estimate its age at 300 million years old.In 1998, President Clinton visited and named then new river and American Heritage river, anhonor he bestowed on only 13 other rivers in the nation.


Tiny Turtles Called Derrick Hamrick.They have frogs, snakes, otters, and salamander. And other animals that would want to be in water

Animals in river basins


What is a river basin? How clean is the air?What is the Climate like?How much enegy do you use each day?where is most drinking water at?What kind of soil is beneath your feet?

How Citizens make a difrence in this communitie.

The nice citizens clean and store water away rom polution. The citizens here have programs to teach younger kids how to keep clean and safe there homeland and there drinking water.