Mrs. Blackburn's Art Classes


WELCOME to the 2019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR!!!

Our Gates students are the heart and soul of our school. Our year will be filled with instruction, imagination, immense creativity, and of course, CREATION of magnificent works of art!

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"Be The Star You Are"....from star journal ideas by Dina Wakley


Art is a universal language, a form of communication that is a reflection of our world throughout history. As teachers of art at O. B. Gates Elementary School, our goal is to provide a positive atmosphere in which each child is able to learn about the elements, principles, tools, history, and aesthetics of art. We teach the basic artistic and life skills of seeing and observing, imagining, problem-solving, and critical thinking through lessons designed to fit the diverse developmental needs of our students. We teach all children to value and respect themselves, each other, and the individual creative abilities that exist in every person. Art is an essential part of our world and it touches almost every aspect of our lives. It is our goal to help our students develop a lifelong participation in and appreciation of the visual arts! (composed February 2002)

Betty S. Blackburn and Kimberly E. Ellington

Teachers of Children through Art

TEAMWORK personal and collaborative skills in the ART ROOM

Every year, students learn and review our Art room TEAMWORK model of behavior. It is a tradition and standard ALWAYS as we move through the school year. Each letter in the word stands for specific skills we can use to create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Teamwork is represented as the "T" for our Gates STAR model, so our instruction is wrapped into our school goals as well. Please click on the link below to learn more about TEAMWORK in ART at GATES!


Mrs. Blackburn participated in a professional Book Study in 2016 with a group of fellow CCPS Art Teachers led by our Visual Arts Instructional Specialist, Mr. Mike Gettings. The book, entitled Studio Thinking, presents eight Habits of Mind in which artists engage in the creative process. These are the eight Studio Habits of Mind that we embrace in Art@GATES!
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Here is the link to our Art Department Weekly Lesson Overview page for this week:

DECEMBER 2 - 6, 2019

Virginia Standards of Learning for the Visual Arts

Please click the button above to access the VA ART SOLs from the VA Department of Education website.

Mrs. Betty S. Blackburn, Teacher of Children Through ART

Mrs. Blackburn is currently in her 33rd year of teaching and has spent 32 of those right here at O.B. Gates!
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