Do You Love Animals?

By Sylvia Phillips

Does the thought of being with animals of different kinds everyday sound great to you? If the answer to that was yes, then you probably wouldn't mind treating sick pets. Or maybe the thought of you saving an animal from dying sounds amazing. Imagine the look on a family's face when they find out you made their sick dog or cat better. I know the perfect job for you if you want to save and care for animals.

Veterinarians make sure people's pets are happy and healthy. They take care of lots of different kinds of animals such as household pets and farm animals. Their main goal is to make sure your pet is taken care of. They save animals lives daily and it's a really important job.

Benefits of a Veterinarian

  • Starting pay of around $65,000 depending on the job.
  • A paid sick leave
  • Two to four weeks of paid vacation.
  • Opportunities for travel.
  • You work with animals on a daily basis.


To have this job you need certain skills that will make you succeed. You should obviously love animals because why would you work with them everyday if you didn't like them? You also need to have lots of knowledge of the symptoms animals show when they're sick. If you can't quickly pinpoint the problem with an animal, you probably shouldn't do the job. You also need steady hands if you want to perform surgeries on the animals. You don't want to make the situation worse by accidentally messing up during surgery because your hand shakes so much.


Becoming a veterinarian is a lot of hard work. You need experience and a good understanding of typical tasks in the job. Preparing for the job starts in high school. It's always a good idea to volunteer at animal hospitals. You also need at least a four year degree in college and you should take a lot of math and animal science classes.

Salary of a Veterinarian

Veterinarian's make a good amount of money. The most payed earn about $144,100 a year. The least payed make less $51,530. So, you can spend everyday with animals and you get payed a good amount of money for doing so.