Rupert's Land

By: Clare Dasek

All about Rupert's Land

Rupert's Land, now know as the Northwest territories was under the control of Hudson Bay for 200 years from 1670 to 1870. Rupert's Land is now mainly a part of Canada, but a small section is apart of the United States. The people of Rupert's land were mainly Metis,Aboriginal and mixed European people.

Canada's Interest in Rupert's Land

-Canada wanted Rupert's land because there was not a lot of good farm land left in Ontario

-As well the governments goal was to extend Canada and to do this the north west territories would have to become apart of Canada.

-There only problem was if they didn't move fast the Americans may have taken over Rupert's Land first.

Rupert's Land became apart of Canada

In 1869 Canada bought Rupert's Land from the Hudson's Bay Company for $1 500 000.

It was then renamed as the North West territories after the sale was confirmed.

John. A. Macdonald

John.A. Macdonald basically made Canada what it is today because he brought together provinces from Upper and lower Canada in 1867 to form Canada. He was in charge of the purchasing of almost 8 million square kilometers of land which was Rupert's land. He bought Rupert's land because he wanted to make a country that would expand from the prairies to the Rockies.
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