Canakkale KOZA Youth Association

Çanakkale Koza Gençlik Derneği

Who are we?

Çanakkale Koza Youth Association was founded in March 2010 and grown up as an active, energetic, nonprofit youth organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help the youngsters in developing their knowledge and at the same time offering a wide diversity of experiences.

Çanakkale, a city and region of education, culture, and history, is located in the northwestern part of the Turkey. Çanakkale has lands in both Asia and Europe just like Istanbul, which is a well-known city in the world. This specialty is an extra reason for its beauty. Our main priority is the participation of youngsters to local, national and global problems and to teach how to react to those problems and work to solve them.

What are we doing?

Even its name has a youth tag; KOZA is a volunteer-based organization (aged 7-77) and trying to be in various fields, not only youth. We are active in fields such as; giving, free swimming/scuba diving courses for disabled people, preparing campaigns for pollution and climate change, organizing language clubs, preparing workshops for children in Roma Communities and so on.

We can’t say, what are our main working topics. Because with the participation of every new volunteer; we are growing and becoming more diversified. We are preparing different trainings, workshops, and seminars with a purpose: to help to the volunteers to develop their personal and professional skills, to work as a team and to evaluate their ideas to a project. That is why every new volunteer means a new topic/area for us to work on.

What we have done?

Except our local and national projects and activities, we are also experienced on several programs such as Leonardo, Grundtvig, Youth in Action and Erasmus +. We have been supporting intercultural awareness and international mobility. Apart from EVS in the last years, we have organized and participated in more than 50 youth exchanges, Youth Initiatives, Youth Democracy projects, and training projects.

We are working actively in the field of EVS, so we are proud to say that we have sent more than 200 volunteers in the frame of the program and successfully hosted volunteers from different European countries. We are also collaborating with local public authorities, education units, private sector representatives, and civil society organizations to improve our work for the benefit of youth.

Some of our projects...

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Other Projects:

ACT! Don’t React! ( Action 3.1.2 within Youth in Action Programme, a training course about entrepreneurship and discrimination which involved 20 participants from 10 countries and took place in Canakkale/Turkey between21-26 June 2013).

Hayalet Avcılığa Son! ( Hayalet Avcılığa Son , means ‘Stop Ghost Fishing’ was the name of the project implemented by our NGO and founded by UNDP between 12-25 September 2012 aiming to collect lost fishing nets off the island Gökçeada.) More information and a video gallery here:

Sualtinda Engel Yok ( A innovative project founded by the Ministry of Youth And Sports of Turkey and implemented by Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi between 15 July 2013-15 June 2014 which aims to help people with disabilities to swim and to scuba-dive) .

Because of the big success, we organised the same project also in 2014-2105.

More information and a video/photo gallery on

KOZA as a partner:

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Why choose us as a partner organization?

Whether you are a new, experienced, educational organization, or an international organization, we have the flexibility and range of experience to work with you to meet your organization’s needs. We are treating every partner equally and for us every project is from extreme importance.

We are open for every kind of collaboration and we are interested in every kind of projects. If you are searching for a loyal partner for long lasting partnership, do not hesitate to contact us.

“ When we pool our resources, knowledge and experience and pull together as a team, we are many times stronger than any of us as individuals, and our giving goes much further. We must participate.”