Phew! What a two weeks!

Getting busy and buzzing around

Mid-Week Newsletter

Happy Wednesday 4E families!!! As you may have noticed, there was no newsletter last week. Eek! SO sorry for the mishap, we are really buzzing around in 4E and as such, I definitely dropped the ball. Apologies! So to recap last week:

  • MATH: We reviewed our first Module (Place Value up to millions), took a post test (corrected our pre-test), and took the Pre-test for the upcoming Module (Place Value to the tenths and hundredths). We STARTED exploring these and how it relates to money, and will dig deeper the following week.
  • ELAR: We explored and produced flip books about the 4 different types of sentences, and created our own Tree Map as it relates to our Read-Aloud Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We started a new chapter book, and it is the second of the Judy Blume series, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: We unfortunately had to use a lot of this time to take the district MSTAR assessment that is taken online through their iPad. This took a lot of time to set up, let alone the amount of time to take it, so I am more than proud of them for practicing some patience! We DID participate in our FIRST "Mind Mission" and the students just loved it! If you've never heard of them, it is an interactive way to connect Social Studies concepts along with collaborative activities that promote teamwork and reciprocity among teams!
  • SCIENCE: We explored some more in electricity and energy, as well as circuits, open and closed, conductors and insulators.
  • SPELLING: The learners took their second spelling tests this week, and boy were they PHENOMENAL!!! We use an app called Spelling City in order to create authentic practice that is engaging, yet productive. They love it!

We got to go full swing with Genius Hour and we had quite the passions passing around the school! On Friday, we participated in our first KLC and the students attended two sessions to explore their passions in a dynamic way. We also go a WONDERFUL Dot Day lesson from Mrs. Alaniz where we learned how to make our mark in this world, and how to make it matter!

Dr. Penny, the Bag Lady, visited us to share her story, her family, her interests, and her love for us! We are just so lucky to have such a compassionate, involved, and passionate Queen Bee here at CEE!

This week we have really delved deeper into tenths and hundredths, relating it to money, comparing fraction and mixed number forms, and playing with number lines. In Social Studies we have started and will finish our travel brochures across Texas. Science took a backseat this week so that we can give it a FULL week come Monday, September 28. In Language Arts we discussed the topics of inferencing, verbs, and the students are really getting used to their Daily 3 stations. In Spelling, we have split the learners into three groups based on their individual needs. The students are given plenty of class time to study these words and have come home with a copy and their previous spelling tests.

We also have our first Round Up this Friday, September 25 at 8:15 am! Now I don't know what to expect as this is my first year at CCE, but I sure am excited to see what the students are cooking up! From what I've been observing, it's something that is a SECRET!!! I can't WAIT to find out! This Round Up will take place of the Genius Hour, but no worries we will be back next Friday.

You may also hear from you learners that they will have a substitute tomorrow, Thursday September 24. Each grade level gets what's called "Design Day," where they can gather, at school, and plan for the rest of the year. We will be on campus but the instructing will happen through the help of our wonderful subs! I have high expectations from our learners to act as leader during my "absence," and I expect nothing less than SPECTACULAR feedback!

Thank you again for allowing me to love and teach your learners! The more time we spend together the more my heart grows! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns!