Week 1, Term 1 2022

4/2/22 - He Pānui Wiki Tahi, Whānga Tuatahi

Nau Mai, Haere Mai Whānau - Welcome Friends & Family

We have quickly moved through the first week of the school year and everyone seems happy and content to be back at school. All syndicates are busy setting up classroom procedures and expectations. We are delighted to have Caitlin Peterson, Becky Corkill and Lara Hooper in Ruamahanga as well as Margyn Hilhorst in Kourarau every second Friday.

Thank you for being so patient and understanding while we try and sort out the many bus issues with GoBus and the MoE. As you know, this is a frustrating and lengthy process which is by no means near the end. Many of you are waiting for schedules/timings and responses to requests for extensions to runs (particularly down Te Whiti Road towards Masterton). Please hang in there while we try to get conversations going about these matters in order to reach a suitable outcome for all.

Unfortunately Beach Education and the Year 7&8 camp to Abel Tasman are our latest cancellations due to COVID restrictions, travel concerns and isolation requirements. We do apologise for this however it is largely beyond our control. We are now in the process of organising an alternative camp for Ōnoke.

Values Focus This Week

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Welcome to Roczen Nolan and Margyn Hilhorst who have started at Gladstone School. Roczen had his first day on Thursday and Margyn started today (Friday). It is fabulous to have you both on board.

Hui - Assembly

Thanks to Hannah and Annie for running a great assembly today live from Ōnoke. The rest of the school watched the assembly from their syndicates. We will resume normal assemblies when we move back to 'Orange'.

Gladstone School on Facebook Watch

Well done to the following students who received certificates today:

Zoe Cates (Whetu o te Wiki - star of the week); Lyra Alexander; Kaylee Huck; Sophie Beetham; Sam Tosswill; Tom Nicol; Amy Wenger; Archie Stevenson; Elsie Patrick; Hunter Garwith (absent); Fynn Bleach; Charlie Herrick.

Kia Ora - Thank You

A huge thanks to Becks Tosswill, the team at Printcraft and Clinton Homes for designing, printing and installing our new school signage. It looks super cool.

Check & Connect Meetings - Week 3

These meetings are scheduled for Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of February. Please make a booking by using the following link. The meetings run for 10 minutes and are an opportunity for parents/caregivers to meet with their child's teacher to discuss health, wellbeing, learning and other matters ahead of the 2022 school year. If 10 minutes is not long enough, teachers will discuss an additional meeting time at the interview. These interviews do not involve students.

The event code should you need it is: wr3ka

COVID Response Plan - Omicron Outbreak

Here is our 'COVID Reponse Plan' for managing the recent Omicron Outbreak. It is a working document that will be updated when new information is sent through from either the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education. It is also a summary of the many pages of information in a number of different places ie. documents and websites. Where possible, links to this information have been provided. It outlines our procedures here at school.

Further information: Masks

As you know, unless exempted, school staff are now required to wear a medical-grade mask when working in public-facing roles.

Masks are just one of the measures we can use for reducing the spread of the virus. Other measures include:

  • being fully vaccinated and having a booster
  • staying home and seeking medical advice if you are unwell
  • keeping your distance from other people and opening windows for ventilation
  • cleaning your hands often and sneezing and coughing into your elbow
  • keeping track of where you’ve been with the NZ COVID Tracer app.

The Ministry of Health have advised that there is no specific time limit for how long a single-use mask is effective, and you do not necessarily need to change your mask regularly throughout the day. School staff are able to wear a medical mask until it is damp, soiled or damaged.

The important thing is for the wearer to make sure the mask has maintained its integrity. If you can see it is soiled or torn, it needs to be replaced.

Acceptable types of medical-grade masks

The terms ‘medical’, ‘surgical’, and ‘procedural’ are often used interchangeably to refer to these masks. When looking for a medical mask in New Zealand, the manufacturer's box normally states that it is a medical mask and meets a standard.

For example:

  • Meets ASTM F2100-11 standard level 1: translated this means it meets the American Standard – American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard F2100-11). A level 1 mask is recommended but you could wear level 1, level 2 or level 3.
  • Medical mask meets BS EN 14683 type I: translated this means it meets British Standard (BS) or European Standard (EN) 14683. A type I or type II is recommended but you could wear a type IIR.

Some reusable masks with filters do meet the medical-grade standard. Again, the packaging will indicate if it is a medical mask. These can be used, so long as the manufacturer's instructions for use are followed.

Safely disposing of masks

In addition to the information in our bulletin on Monday, a number of you have suggested cutting off the ear loops with a pair of scissors prior to disposal. (Without ear loops, there are fewer chances of the mask entangling wildlife in the event it ends up in the environment).

Changes to mask requirements on school transport

Students in Year 4 and over:

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Protection Framework and Other Matters) Amendment Order 2022 has been published.

From 11.59pm 3 February 2022, all students aged eight years and over or are students in Year 4 and above legally must wear a mask on school transport (both Ministry and regional council-operated) and public transport services in the Red and Orange traffic light settings unless they have an exemption.

This includes SESTA, daily, technology, direct-resourced, and Māori-medium school transport services. It also includes charter buses hired by schools to transport students and staff.

The Government is also now requiring that a face covering must be an actual mask. This means that face coverings such as scarves, bandannas or t-shirts pulled up over the face are no longer allowed. As above, it is recommended that masks be a medical-grade mask.

Please note, while the school transport drivers are not required to enforce the wearing of masks, they will report any non-compliance to your school’s bus controller (noting that some students may be exempt from mask requirements for health and safety reasons). Schools are expected to manage any non-compliance just as they currently manage behavioural issues of school transport users.

Students in Year 3 and below:

While we encourage all students to wear masks on school transport, students in Year 3 and below are not required to wear masks.

This includes SESTA, daily, technology, direct-resourced, and Māori-medium school transport services. It also includes charter buses hired by schools to transport students and staff.

Update on mask exemptions

Where parents have concerns about mask wearing, they should be encouraged to discuss this in the first instance with their school.

Where someone meets the criteria for exemption, it is important that they are supported.

It’s not always obvious why someone can’t wear a mask. For example, they may be victims of crime or experience mental health conditions. If not dealt with in a sensitive and respectful manner questioning someone’s eligibility for a mask exemption could unintentionally victimise people further.

While a small number of national organisations have previously administered exemption cards developed by the Ministry of Health, this will not be necessary. The Disabled Persons Assembly NZ (DPA), Deaf Aotearoa, and Blind Citizens NZ encourage parents, as we do, to discuss their circumstances with you or their teacher in the first instance.

For those who have an exemption card, it is their choice whether they wear it publicly or not. No one should be required to wear an exemption card if they have one.

We are continuing to work with the Ministry of Health to identify possible improvements to the mask exemption process.

You will know that there are many layers of protection in schools, including people who are unwell staying away, increasing rates of vaccination across the population including mandated vaccinations for staff and volunteers, good ventilation, other students and staff wearing masks, good cough and sneeze etiquette and more.

A reminder that the Unite Against COVID-19 website has several resources to support mask use:

Mask use when playing sport or recreational activities

You are not required to wear a mask when you are playing sport or engaging in recreational activities outdoors.

For more information, see Sport New Zealand’s FAQs

The requirements for masks depend on the traffic light setting:

  • at Red, masks are mandatory in retail settings and public facilities, but not swimming pools. Face coverings are recommended whenever you leave the house, including before and after playing sport or engaging in a recreational activity
  • at Orange, face coverings are mandatory in retail settings and public facilities, but not swimming pools. Face coverings are encouraged at all other locations
  • at Green, masks are encouraged whenever you are indoors.

Those in a coaching role are encouraged to wear a mask, particularly if you are indoors.

Northfuels Supporters/Clients - Thank You!

Wow! Thanks to the following local businesses who are supporting us through the North Fuels programme. You have helped the school raise $1526.46 that we can now spend on literacy or sports resources. AMAZING - thank you!

We acknowledge the following business groups....


Aiden Viviers

Urlar Gladstone Wines

Stu Nicol Trust

Jet Harvesting Ltd

Ash Hey

Commercial fleet Services Wairarap Roeskes Mulch n Digg Limited

Ace Trucking Limited

Maxwell Ag Spray Limited

Wahi Atahua Limited AGO only

PB Harper Partnership

Leyden Downs Ltd


D W & PC Mckay

Wahi Atahua Limited petrol only Hinewaka Shorthorns

Flat Point Station Ltd

Braddick Contracting Limited

Hire a Farmer Limited

Puketiro Farm Partnership

Mitchell Blackwood

Giddy up Ag Limited

Los Pastures Limited

Willbert Civil Limited

W P E Falloon Limited


David Bubb


Short Week

Enjoy the lovely short week (and again next week - Waitangi Day observed on Monday, school closed). Ngā manaakitanga, Team Gladdy.

FoGS Lunches

Kia ora. We are starting lunches again on Monday the 14th of February. Liz Mason is kindly putting together a roster. Please email her at lizarthan@hotmail.com if you are able to help in the mornings to take orders, and/or at lunch time to coordinate the food. You will need to have a vaccine pass and be prepared to wear a mask. Many thanks.

Future Ferns Netball

For those interested Future Ferns will be going ahead - see details below. Please be aware that NO SPECTATORS are allowed due to the Traffic light Red setting.

Because of this, I do suspect some of you may not be wishing to continue for Term 1 Future Ferns, but if you still are keen can you please email me back asap (by Friday 11th February at the latest) with your child's full name and year group please.From there I will hopefully be able to organise teams and coaches/helpers.



Ginny McCleanGladstone Netball Club Secretary

Gladstone Tennis Club

Tennis lessons start Monday 14th Feb, Gladstone Complex.
Depending on numbers there will be 3-4 groups/times.
Beginners: 3.30-4.15pm, Entry Level 4.15-5pm, Intemediate 4-6pm, Championship 6-7pm.
Please follow Gladstone Tennis facebook page for regular updates, and message through there to signup.
Tennis Primary interclub:
Friday Primary interclub starts Friday 18th Feb. Each Friday 3.30pm.
Teams of 4, and 3 grades to choose from: Entry Level, Intemediate & Championship.
Entries close next Friday 11th Feb, so we require names by Weds 9th Feb so we can make up the teams.
Please email sara@stockfeed.co.nz if your child is keen to join a team.
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