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A method of sharing learning activities in a linear fashion. Students typically have to complete one activity before moving onto the next one. Modules can include videos, textual information, articles, links to various websites, assignments, and quizzes.
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WikiPage, Wiki, WikiProject

Canvas uses a WikiPage. Hakiu uses a WikiProject.

A wiki is an online space where students (or teachers!) can show evidence of learning. It is best used for a project and values collaboration. A wiki utilizes text, links, photo, and video.

A teacher friend of mine has his students create an online textbook using


An LMS is a Learning Management System. It is a way to share information with students, provide access to content, and collaboration.

An LMS can be a formal system like Haiku Learning, Canvas, or Edmodo. These formal systems typically have quiz platforms, a space to turn in work, discussion areas, and space for announcements.

An LMS can also take the form of a class website such as Google Sites or Weebly. We suggest adding Google Classroom to your use of a class website; with this, students have an easy method for turning in work and you have an easy method for passing out digital classroom materials, such as rubrics and templates.

Discussion Board

A digital space for students to hold online discussions. This can often be accomplished through an LMS. Often times, students must post first before they are able to see others' posts.

It can also be accomplished through blogging (see below), or a backchannel (see below) such as Today's Meet.


Blogging is a process by which students can share their thoughts and ideas. Websites such as Kidblog or Edublogs are great for this. Students maintain their own blogs and teachers can easily see and comment on blog posts.

We recommend blogging as a way of journaling about what students are reading and learning.


A way for students to participate in an online class discussion. Backchannels gives your more timid students an opportunity to really shine.

We suggest using Today's Meet as an easy-to-use backchannel.

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