Negotiate TV and Internet Bundles

Browsing the internet for finding questions, watching videos, and scrolling social media are our favorite activities at home. It is common for us to use the internet as much as we love to. And, we love watching our favorite movies and talk shows on TV too. The impact of both TV and internet services is increasing day by day in our lives.

As much as we love to use the internet and TV services, we care about our monthly bills too. It is not easy to enjoy the TV and internet services if you are surprised by your TV and internet bills every month. And, to avoid these surprises, we need TV and internet bundles.

Many people may search online to find the best TV and internet bundles, but they don’t know what bundles are best for them. Also, many people struggle with talking to the customer support of the ISP because they might get super aggressive, or they will be too passive that the negotiation may not work out for them.

We can guide you on how to negotiate with your internet service provider.

Prove Your Worth as a Customer

When you call the customer support representative of your internet service provider, you need to tell them that you are a worthy customer. Maybe you can say that you pay your bills on time, or using their TV internet services for a long time.

The better you portray yourself to the customer support department, the higher the chances that they will listen to you. And, they might decrease the bundle price for you or will provide you more special offers.

Understand Your Options for a TV and Internet Bundle

You have to do proper research about all the TV and internet deals are available to you. So, when you are talking to a CSR, you would know what you are asking for from the ISP. Assume you call the customer support of an internet service provider, but you don’t understand what you need. It might be a bit embarrassing for you, and the customer support agent might not understand your needs and requirements as well.

Contact a Customer Retention Representative

The job of a CRR is to retain the customers, and it is better to negotiate the price or features of a TV and internet bundle from them. They might even guide you better on how to choose the best TV and internet deals.

Negotiate Politely but Stay Determined

I know how badly you want to get the best TV and internet bundles, although there is no need to be overly aggressive with a customer support agent. They are people like us if you will ask them nicely, they will try to help you. But you don’t need to be very passive as well.

You need to negotiate politely, and if they tell you “no”, ask them why it is not possible. Try to give a reason or come up with a solution together. This way you might get a TV and internet bundle at a lower price and maybe with additional offers.

Show Willingness to Compliance

Many internet service providers in the US will be okay with offering you extra discounts and value. Big ISPs like AT&T, CenturyLink, Spectrum, and various others will provide you best discounted prices for TV and internet bundles if you are willing to comply.

For further discounts, they will ask you to get in a contract, providing you more price cuts on the TV and internet bundles that you will purchase.

Want the Best TV and Internet Deals?

Even after negotiation, you might not get the best TV internet bundles that you want. Negotiation for a TV internet deal is a 50-50 situation, so it might go either way. So, how to get the best TV and internet bundles if you can't do a successful negotiation.

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